Spirit of the Dance -The Irish Dancing Group


Last evening I went to see a performance of the Irish dance group Spirit of the Dance.

As I understand, Spirit of the Dance is not one dancing group, but several groups under the same name, which are touring the world, and giving the same performance in various places around the world.

I have read that more than thirty million people around the world have seen Spirit of the Dance, and that it is the winner of nine Global Awards, including “Best Choreography” and Best International Production.

We arrived to the show a little early, to get in time and find a parking space. When entered the hall, it was already full of thousands people who came to see the show.

At nine o’clock the lights went out, the music began and the show started.

It was a spectacular and impressive show, with dancing, singing and music. While the main theme of the show was Irish dance, there were various kinds of dance styles and music, ranging from Irish to Salsa, from Tap to Jazz and from Flamenco to Country.

We saw impressive, foot-stomping Irish dancing, classical ballet and modern dance. The costumes were dazzling, and the dancers were attractive and energetic.

The dancers moved from one dancing style to another, changed costumes and kept dancing, without even resting for a while. They must be well trained and have excellent physical condition to be able to dance like this. They looked energetic, smiled, and seemed enjoying what they were doing.

It was really an enjoyable show, and no wonder Spirit of the Dance is so successful all around the world.

You can find more information and see a video about Spirit of the Dance at their website:

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