Acceptance Leads to Inner Peace

Inner Peace

There are certain things we can change in our life, but there are also things that we cannot change. If we keep worrying about them we lose our peace, but if we accept them, they stop being important, and we stop worrying about them. What we cannot change and cannot influence no matter what, should not be of concern to us.

People tend to focus and think about things which they have no control over. Why worry about something that worry will not change? Why care about what other people think of us, when we are not even sure what they are thinking about? Why worry about the weather, if we cannot change it? Why worry and feel concerned about other people actions, about which we have no control?

Learn to accept what cannot be changed and you will experience inner peace. I am not telling you to be passive and stop acting in the world. Change what you can. Improve what you can. This will improve your life and improve how you feel, but learn to accept people, circumstances and situations that are beyond your control.

Sometimes, acceptance is temporary, until you know more, learn more and reach a stage, where you can change and improve certain situations that you could do nothing about before.

Once you open mind to acceptance, and start accepting what you cannot change, you automatically relieve yourself of much stress, anxiety and worry. Remember, acceptance leads to inner peace, and inner peace is real freedom and to happiness.

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