Do You Think Inner Peace Is Important?

Inner Peace

It seems few people know what inner peace means. Actually, it is not something people think about, or even know it exists.

Inner peace is not peace between countries and nations. It is something that happens inside you. It is a complete change of your inner world, and therefore, of your attitude, how you look at the world, and how you behave. This of course, affects your environment.

People talk about peace in the world, between nations, but without inner peace, any external peace has no real roots.

Everyone has worries, fears and problems. There is also strain and anxiety, due to work, relationships, health, and a thousand other reasons. This depletes your energy, tenses your body, and creates more strain, more anxiety, and more fears.

The mind keeps thinking all the time, without anything, or anyone to control it. This means you have no control of your thoughts. It’s like sitting in a car, which is speeding up with no driver. Frightening, isn’t it?

The mind just hops from one unimportant thought to another, all day long. Often, you are not even aware of what you are thinking. You think when you wake up in the morning, and when you go to sleep. You continue thinking all kind of thoughts at work and at home, while washing, dressing, eating, working, walking or shopping. The mind never stands still. It always disrupts your concentration and plays with your attention.

Did you ever consider finding a way to stop all this, and make your mind peaceful? More inner peace means more attention, more focus, more efficiency, no useless thoughts, and no worries.

This also means inner strength and calmness in daily life, and in times of ordeal.

What if you could stop your restless thoughts and enjoy a pause of inner peace? When you can, even partially, stop the rushing flow of endless thinking, you will feel as if your mind expands, and is filled with light. It is as if a sun shining inside you. In this state, there would be no space for worries and fears.

When there is inner peace, there would not be barriers on your awareness, imposed by your thoughts and beliefs. You see everything as it is, without limiting thoughts or bias. When there are no disturbing thoughts, happiness emerges from within you.

The question is whether you believe inner peace is important enough for you, so that you put aside, some time each day, to work at making it a reality in your life.

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  3. Learn about inner peace by reading the book ‘Inner Peace in the Busy Daily Life’ and practicing what it teaches.

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