The Mental Noise

The mental noise is an activity of the mind that almost everyone experiences day and night, and which most people consider as a natural activity of the mind. Though it goes on all the time as a background noise, you usually become aware of it in an acute form, when there is a problem, worry or fear, and you find your mind thinking and thinking about it, until you feel it is about to explode from thinking.

The mental noise manifests as inner conversation, inner monologue and as a tendency to constantly think, analyze, compare and repeat thoughts in the mind. It is an involuntary activity, which prevents you from focusing the mind and concentrating on what you are doing. It causes distraction, never being in the present moment, and it wastes a lot of time and mental energy, which could have been use for better purposes.

Some, will not agree with me, and say that constant thinking is a sign of being alive and active, and that they prefer to be constantly thinking. They feel that life would be boring and lifeless without the constantly thinking. This is because they have never experienced any other state of consciousness, and constant thinking seems to them to be the natural state of consciousness.

When the mental noise is reduced, the five senses function better, the ability to concentrate grows, and there is calmness and self control. Nothing is lost in this process, there is only gain.

Here are two articles on the mental noise:

1. The Mental Noise

Mental noise is the constant chatter of the mind that never stops. It is the inner conversation or inner monologue that constantly goes on in the mind.

Many are unaware of this mental noise, because it has become a deeply embedded habit, and is considered as a natural and inseparable part of life.

This mental noise is like a background noise that never ceases, from the moment of waking up in the morning, to the moment of falling asleep at night. Often, it even prevents you from falling asleep. It is a sort of inner voice that constantly analyzes everything about our lives, surroundings and the people we know. It is a voice in the head that just keeps talking and talking!

The mind often repeats the same thought over and over again, like in a loop or like a record that got stuck. If this is a positive thought that’s fine, but too often this a negative thought or a negative mental images that just intensify stress, worry, anger or frustration. These are thoughts that you absolutely do not need.

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2. How to Calm Down the Mental Noise

After reading the article on the mental noise, it is time to start doing something about it. As you now know, the mental noise is the inner dialogue and constant chatter that goes on in the mind almost all the time. Sometimes we are not aware of it, and at other times it is most disturbing and distracting the attention.

When do you become more aware of the mental noise and find it disturbing?
When you need to focus your mind on a certain activity, such as studying, reading, solving problems or anything else. At this time you become more aware of the buzz and constant flow of irrelevant, and often useless or distracting thoughts.

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