How to Increase Your Willpower – 9 Tips

The word willpower is often associated with bodybuilding, quitting smoking, losing weight, or doing anything that requires inner strength and courage. It is an important skill, which is essential in all walks of life, such as in sports, achieving goals, self improvement and in meditation.

It is said that the imagination is stronger than willpower, and that what you imagine over and again, eventually, affects your subconscious mind and turns into a habit. This is true, but when you possess willpower, you can tell your mind what to think and what to imagine. With willpower, you can control and direct your imagination in any direction you want, and not allow it to run wherever it wills.

Without willpower, you just let passing thoughts and whims dictate to you what to think about and what to do. When you build willpower you gain the ability control your imagination.

How can you succeed, if you keep changing goals or changing your mind? Willpower helps you focus your mind on the goal and hold it there, without being sidetracked.

How to Improve Your Willpower

You can increase your willpower by training and developing it through special, simple exercises.

Tips and strategies for building your willpower:

1. Whatever you do, do a little more

  • Read one more page before you close your book.
  • Wash one extra plate when you wash dishes.
  • Walk another two minutes when doing your daily walk.

2. Respect your decisions
When you decide to do something, do it now. Don’t procrastinate or change your mind. Carrying out your decisions, despite laziness or difficulties forges the steel of your willpower.

3. Do things differently
Don’t be a slave to your habits. Do differently things that you always do in the same way. Seek more creative ways to do things in your everyday life.

4. Be committed
Whatever you start doing, persevere until you arrive to the finish line. This relates to everything, career, relationships, diet or self improvement. Be committed to accomplish whatever you set out to do.

5. Make laziness your trigger to doing things
Regard laziness as an opportunity for building willpower. Act, in spite of laziness, and you will increase your willpower.

6. What you can do once, you can do always
If you can avoid a bad habit once, in time, you will be able to overcome it completely. If you can finish a difficult task, you will be able to do so again, even more easily.

7. Start over and again, despite failure
Building your willpower is not achieved in a day. You need time to overcome habits of many years. No matter how many times you fail, try again.

8 . Seek supportive friends
Seek to be in the company people who are positive and motivating.

9. Don’t quit
Remember, failure is not the sign to quit, but the sign to begin again. Strong people with strong willpower are not dismayed by failure. They start again, with even more desire and ambition.

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