A New Revised Edition of the Book Strengthen Your Willpower and Self Discipline

Willpower and Self Discipline

I am happy to announce that the popular book Strengthen Your Willpower and Self Discipline has been revised, and the new edition has been uploaded to the website.

Update- this book has been revised, and its title changed to “Build up Strong Willpower and Self Discipline”.

This is the third revision of the book. The book has been proofread and edited again. The chapters have been rearranged, and some of them rewritten. Some of the exercises were also rewritten, and new ones were added.

About the Book

I have written this book about ten years ago, and it is still very popular today. I believe it will be even more successful now after being newly revised.

It teaches the evergreen subjects of willpower and self-discipline. These skills have always been important skills, and will always be so.

The book explains and teaches in plain English what are willpower and self-discipline, what are their benefits, and how to strengthen them. It offers a training program that anyone can learn, follow, and practice and offers various simple but powerful exercises.

The exercises have now been grouped under various topics, such as assertiveness, patience, persistence, overcoming inner resistance, and others.

Willpower and self-discipline are essential tools for success in all areas of life and are two of the most important skills everyone should possess.

The presence or absence of these skills is often the factor that leads to success or to failure, to taking action or avoiding it. This applies to major goals and also to simple, everyday tasks.

A practical Manual

This book is a practical manual offering special techniques and exercises.

Most of the exercises take advantage of common, everyday situations and activities, making it unnecessary to set apart special times for practice. This means you can practice the exercises at any time or place.

Every exercise increases the reservoir of your inner strength. It charges the “battery” of your willpower and self-discipline, making them available for use whenever you need them.

You don’t need to practice all the exercises in this book. However, the more of them you practice, the stronger your willpower and self-discipline become.

As these skills become stronger, other related skills, such as assertiveness, determination, patience, perseverance and self-control become stronger too.

The book is available in PDF eBook format. You can download it immediately, and read it on the screen of your computer, on you iPad, iPhone, smartphone or tablet. This means you can carry the book with you, wherever you go.