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Three of Neville Goddard’s Most Powerful Manifestation Techniques

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Well-loved spiritual writer and highly revered cosmic philosopher – these are just two of the things Neville Goddard is known for.

No wonder, many decades after his death, he is still hailed as one of the most important and most influential new thought leaders the world has ever seen.

For many people, Neville was one of the most charismatic and substantive purveyors of the new thought philosophy. He wrote more than ten books on the topic (he used the solitary pen name Neville).

He was also one of the most popular speakers on metaphysical topics from the late 30s until his passing in 1972.

Neville popularized a spiritual vision that’s revolutionary: everything you experience and see is the result of your own thoughts and emotional states.

Neville’s thought system influenced a vast range of spiritual writers and thinkers from mystical icon Carlos Castaneda to bestselling author Joseph Murphy.

Neville Goddard Manifestation Techniques: Three of the Most Powerful

When it comes to manifesting your desires, Neville has one primary requirement: you must think and feel as though your wish has been fulfilled.

That said, below are three of the most powerful manifestation techniques Neville (and many people who have tried the techniques) swears by:

Technique #1: Fast Forward

As the name implies, you need to fast forward your imagination to a point where your wish has manifested.

For instance, if you are worried about how your current day will go, you can fast forward to the end of the day and imagine it going the way you would like it to.

You can also fast forward months (or years) into the future and apply the same principle.

To use this technique, get into a relaxed state where you will not be disturbed.

Imagine a time in the future where things are exactly how you want them. Bask in the feeling of gratitude and joy knowing you have achieved what you want to manifest.

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Example: Let’s say you want a new home.

Change the feeling (and visualization) of wanting a new home to feeling and visualizing already living in your dream home. In other words, fast forward to the time where you are already living in the home.

  • In your imagination, start by walking up to your dream house’s front door.
  • Turn the knob and walk in. Be amazed by what you see.
  • In your imagination, see the pictures on the walls. Feel the furniture. Smell the new carpet. Indulge.
  • Make your imagination as vivid as you possibly can. The idea is to imagine being in your dream home and experience it in the here and now. Fully immerse yourself in the scene.
  • To make your imagination more vivid, imagine as many details as you possibly can.
  • Imagine inviting friends over and showing them all of the beautiful rooms in your house.
  • Take your time and make it as real in your imagination as possible. Stay in the scene as long as it pleases you.
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Technique #2: Congratulations

This technique is both fun and highly effective.

Start this technique by getting into a relaxed state. Ideally, you need to stay in a place where you will not be disturbed.

In your imagination, hear people congratulating you for attaining or accomplishing the things you want to attain.

Example: Let’s say you want a promotion at work.

  • In your visualization, imagine a loved one, friend, or co-worker looking at you and saying things like “You did it!” or “Congratulations!”
  • Make the imagined scene as real as you can.
  • Add emotions into your imagination and feel the joy and pride of getting that promotion.

You can also expand this visualization exercise by imagining bumping into people you know and they are all congratulating you and are very happy for you. Visualize seeing them very thrilled and proud with what you have accomplished.

You can also imagine your significant other giving a toast to celebrate your promotion.

Again, the idea is to make your visualization as vivid, as real, and as detailed as you possibly can. More importantly, put as much emotion into your imagined scene as possible. Get really happy and excited about your promotion and bask in all the congratulations and well-wishes you are receiving.

Technique #3: Eavesdropping

The eavesdropping technique is another effective way of using the imagination to manifest something you desire. You simply need to imagine people other than yourself having a conversation where you hear them conversing in a way that implies you have already accomplished what you want to manifest.

Example: Say for instance, what you want to manifest is to be married to your soulmate.

  • In your visualization, imagine hearing your best friends talking. Imagine them talking about how lucky you are to have finally met the one. Visualize them being so thrilled and hear them being so happy for you.
  • Visualize hearing them talk about the amazing qualities your soulmate has, how happy you are together, and how you are a perfect match for each other.

Again, indulge and be as involved in your imagined scene as you possibly can. Really feel the happiness and joy of finding your dream partner and spending the rest of your life with that person.

Give These Powerful Neville Goddard Techniques a Spin!

While seemingly simple, many have used Neville Goddard’s techniques to manifest what they want in life. But don’t take their word for it. Give the techniques a spin and you will find yourself manifesting one thing after another before you know it!

About the Author
Gareth van Rensburg is a great believer in the Law of Attraction and has used LOA techniques to manifest amazing things in his life. He also runs the Law of Attraction Answers website. Recently, he wrote and published a book to help people create loving and lasting relationships and find true love.

Manifest and AchievePinPin
Find out How to Manifest and Achieve Whatever You Want
Discover how you can achieve your dreams through visualization and the law of attraction.

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