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3 New Tech Innovations That Will Blow Your Mind

New Tech Innovations

The rapid rate at which new and life-changing technology innovations are being developed is something truly impressive.

From the various technologies that allow you to browse free templates to start your very own website, the likes which wouldn’t have been possible just a few decades ago, all the way up to technology that has life-saving potential – new technologies are of benefit to everyone.

With these new technologies, we get a brief look into just what our future as a species might look like as a whole, and that’s without mentioning that some technology has massive potential, perhaps even one day being able to save the world.

In this article, we will be going through and discussing three of the new technology innovations that are set to come to fruition within the near future, as well as stating the reasons why they are likely to have such a drastic impact.

Read on if you want to learn more about new innovations and tech discoveries.

1. Google Glasses

The Google glasses are truly an innovation of the future.

With Google glasses, you will be able to access a version of Google as well as virtualization tools on the fly.

Taking a leisurely walk and want to look at some images for the website you’ve just thought of starting? Well, go right ahead. Fancy watching a spot of YouTube on your morning jog? That’s no problem.

The possibilities with Google glasses are truly endless, and it is likely to revolutionise the world as we know it.

In the near future, we will see Google glasses fully completed and able to be sold for the masses, and in no time at all you’ll be able to get your very own Google glasses.

It truly is inconceivable to predict just how different the world may look once the Google glasses are released, but it may give us a brief look into what the future of humanity may look like as everyone will now be walking around VR capabilities that can be used at the drop of a hat.

The features we have mentioned so far are just a few of the capabilities that the Google glasses have. In addition to being able to access Google as well as VR technology, there will be a translation tool, photo and video options, virtual reality reminders, as well as many others.

2. Sustainable Fuel

Not so long in the future, we may just be able to save our planet with the new innovation of sustainable fuel.

Sure, you have probably already heard about the miracle battery for electric cars, but we just might have another alternative in the works.

Recently, scientists have been working on a sustainable and renewable fuel, that will be created by fusing different elements.

When this new sustainable fuel becomes widespread among the population, the impact this is going to have will be enormous. In fact, it may just change the world.

Having a renewable form of fuel will not only do wonders to save the planet because of the negative effects our standard model has on climate change, but it may give us the capabilities to harness even more fuel at the fraction of the cost.

This could potentially save companies and businesses millions and allow them to focus their capital elsewhere, which may boost humanity in the future by decades.

This innovation will be huge news when this project becomes a reality, and it may not even be as far off as some people would think.

3. Bio-Technology

Something which many people thought they would never see in their lifetime is now just over the horizon, and that is; biotechnology.

With biotechnology, people will be able to replace a limb with a robotic replacement and be able to control it using their brain as if it were real.

This is a truly exciting innovation, and it may just be way bigger than people think.

Of course, the first type of people this will benefit is those who are disabled or missing certain limbs. With biotech, they will be able to get a robotic replacement that will almost feel exactly like the real thing.

However, in the future, we could see a much more diverse array of uses than this.

For example, in the future, we may be able to just replace a body part and get it replaced with a robotic replacement. This means we could improve our natural abilities by modifying ourselves with robotics; part man, part machine.

It truly is impressive how far we have been able to come as a species. However, we are only just getting started.

Within the next few decades, it is likely that the world will be completely different to the one we see before us today, and hopefully, all the new innovations will make lasting changes to the world in positive and exciting ways.

Even now, the technology that we are getting access to is something that we would have never even dreamt of just ten years ago, and if anything, progress is likely to speed up exponentially.

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