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Winter Getting You Down?

Cold Winter

Winter Getting You Down? Here’s what you can do to brighten the mood.

Summertime seems like an eternity ago, doesn’t it? With daylight dwindling and the nights stretching on for what seems like forever, it’s no wonder that a contingent of the UK public start to feel a bit down during the winter period.

This condition has a name, it’s called Seasonal Affect Disorder, also referred to as SAD. This is a form of depression brought on by the changing of the seasons and is more common than you may think.

According to a new survey by, 42% of the UK public said they have suffered from this before.

Millennial’s are the most likely demographic to suffer from this, with 59% of 25-34-year olds having battled with SAD.

So, what can you do to battle these feelings of woe? have taken a look at SAD in detail and have created an infographic detailing the extent if the problem in the UK, and what people are doing to cheer themselves up.

You can take a look at the infographic below…

Battling the Blues