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How to Manifest Money Through Visualization

How to Manifest Money

Do you have trouble manifesting money in your life?

Do you wish to know how to manifest money with the help of creative visualization and the law of attraction?

I believe that most people would like to know how.

Chris Odle, in his book “Practical Visualization”, writes about how to manifest a certain amount of money using visualization.

Manifesting Money

Here is an excerpt from Chris Odle’s book ‘Practical Visualization’:

“Decide how much you want. Relax. Visualize a bank; It’s no ordinary bank; but a bank where unlimited amounts of funds are available absolutely free of charge.

Think for a name for the bank. See it in your mind’s eye; it could be something like ‘Universal State Bank’ or ‘Free Bank’.

As you can imagine, there’s a bit of queue inside, but people are dealt with surprising quickly.

Very soon you reach the cashier. He/she smiles and asks you how much you want. You tell them your requirements and immediately they get the right amount of money out.

You feel great as they pass it over, and off you go.

As you walk out you feel lighter and grateful. ‘It’s also easy’, you think to yourself. Now spend a few moments visualizing what you will do with the money.”

As you see, there are no negative thoughts here, only positive thoughts and positive expectations.

Money flows to you if you focus on it. This can be a lot of money, or small amounts. This depends on how big you think.

How to Manifest Money Through Visualization

How do you manifest money?

According to Chris Odle, and many other authors about the law of attraction, you can manifest money by visualizing it.

To attract and manifest money through visualization, you need to use creative visualization and the law of attraction.

In the above excerpt, Chris Odle mentioned several steps that you need follow. These steps are important if you wish to manifest money or anything else.

  1. You need to be clear about what you want.
  2. You need to relax.
  3. Use your imagination.
  4. Feel great about the money you are receiving.
  5. you need to feel that manifesting money is an easy process.

Visualization can attract to you the things you want, provided you have a strong desire and perseverance. You need to persevere, no matter how long it takes.

Important! How you feel about money plays an essential part in your ability to attract it.

Money Can Appear through Many Ways

Results can be fast, but they can also take time, depending on various factors.

Miracles can happen, but often, you arrive to your goals gradually, one thing leading to another. Opportunities might pop up, helpful might people appear in your life, or you might find a new job to get the money.

Visualization can either attract the money, bring an opportunity to gain it, or open a door for acquiring it.

Money can appear in your life through various channels, so keep an open mind, so you can recognize opportunities when they appear.

You can find many detailed examples on how to manifest money and the things you want, in the book Manifest and Achieve Whatever You Want.

Manifesting money requires that you don’t just daydream about money, but also be proactive. There are various manifestation techniques you can use, which you can find in the above mentioned book.

Feeling that you deserve money, expecting it, and believing that you can get it are the keys to manifesting more money in your life.

To manifest money you need to change your mindset to a mindset of prosperity, adopt a growth mindset, and think big.

How to Manifest Money – What to Do

Here are a few simple tips to start with:

  1. You need to keep an open mind.
  2. Acknowledge any limiting beliefs you have about lack of money, and work on changing your belief system about it.
  3. Become aware of the opportunities that you attract into your life and take advantage of them.
  4. Don’t wait for the right time, because the right time is always now.
  5. Get out of your comfort zone.
  6. Define what are your money goals.
  7. Visualize the money you wish to manifest, and treat the imaginary scene as real.
  8. Be willing to take action and invest time and effort in to the process.
  9. Do everything that contributes to your financial success.
  10. Follow the concise creative visualization guidelines.

Stop focusing on the lack in your life. Instead, focus on money and wealth.

Your relationship with money matters. Do you welcome it, or do you feel that you do not deserve it?

Manifestation Techniques

There are various manifestation techniques that can help you attract and manifest money in your life.

Do you wish to to manifest money overnight? Sometimes, this might happen, especially with small amounts.

However, using visualization and manifesting techniques does not necessarily mean that you will manifest money quickly, or manifest money overnight. You might manifest money fast, but it can also be a longer process. This depends on many factors.

Tips on How to Manifest Money

1. Creative visualization and the law of attraction
Visualize the amount of money you want as actual bills, as an amount in your bank statement, a check, or in other ways.

2. Repeating money affirmations
The act of repeating affirmations triggers your subconscious mind to help you find ways to manifest the money you want. You can find information about affirmations in the book Affirmations Words of Power.

3. Writing down the amount of money you wish to manifest
Write down 30 times a day, every day, the following sentence:
“I have now …(write down the amount you wish to have) dollars in my bank account.”

4. Gratitude journal
A gratitude journal is a tool for keeping track of the good things in your life. Write about the things you received and for which you are grateful. This could be about money, a job, love or health.

In this journal, write also about the money you expect to receive, and feel grateful for having it. Thank the Universe for receiving it.

Read or write something in this journal several times each week.

5. Use a vision board
A vision board is collection of photos or drawings of your dreams and goals, which helps you focus on your goals.

Important! Gratitude and feeling abundant, raise your vibrations, set the manifestation process into action, and help attracting abundance.