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Do You Wish to Manifest Success, Love and Happiness?

Manifest Success

Did you know that the thoughts you think most often shape your reality?

What goes on in your inner world, in your mind, affects your external world.

One single thought would not change your reality. Thinking for a minute or two about a situation you wish to create or about a goal you want to achieve will not create anything.

You need to repeat the thought often so that it gains power, affects your subconscious mind, and triggers the law of attraction into action.

It’s like drawing a line on a piece of paper with a blunt pencil. It would hardly leave a mark. But if you sharpen your pencil and go over the line over and again, the pencil will leave a strong mark.

Change Your Thoughts and You Will Change Your Life

  • Your thoughts manifest your reality.
  • You can manifest love, happiness, money, a good job, and almost anything you want if you set your mind on them.
  • Your beliefs, expectations, thoughts, and feelings attract certain people and certain circumstances.

This means that if you learn to control what goes in your inner world, you will be able to change your external world. This also means that you can manifest the life you want.

Think about it, to a great extent, the conditions and circumstances of your life are the result of your thoughts and beliefs. Change your thoughts and beliefs, and you will change your life.

  • ” Are you able to change your thoughts?
  • ” Would you invest time and effort to change the thoughts you think?

Your mind has been set to think certain kinds of thoughts, and it often requires you to step out of your comfort zone, pay attention to the thoughts you think, and, if you don’t like them, teach your mind to think differently.

Reject doubts and fears, abstain from negative thoughts, and from thoughts about failure and difficulties, and start expecting success and happiness.

Suppose you are not in good shape physically. You start exercising at a gym. It’s tough and difficult and your muscles ache. Yet, you continue to visit the gym.

If you persevere, gradually, you will get stronger and shape your body. It’s the same when trying to change your thoughts, think about you really want, and believe you can get it.

Manifesting and the Law of Attraction

How to manifest what you want?

  1. Decide about what you want to manifest.
  2. Build a mental scene of what you want.
  3. Believe that you will get it.
  4. Repeat this mental scene several time a day.

This is the concise version of what you need do. Is this enough? Not really, you might get results with these concise instructions, especially if it is a simple and easy to attain goal.

However, for greater goals you need a little more understanding of the law of attraction and of manifesting.

Can You Manifest Anything You Want?

You can manifest success, love health and whatever you really and truly want.

I am not talking about wishing. Wishing is not enough to attract anything. To create something, you need a strong desire.

To manifest great success, you need great passion and ambition, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish this success.

Does it mean that you can manifest a million dollars a Ferrari or a yacht? The answer is yes and no, but this has nothing to do with the validity of the law of attraction. It has to do with you, with your desires, ambitions and priorities.

You might daydream about a million dollars or a Ferrari, but would you do anything meaningful to get them?

How many people want to own a chain store, become a president or a prime minister, a famous actor or a famous writer? Most people settle for much less.

We hear so much about achieving goals. Yes, that’s great to achieve goals, but most people’s goals are not something very big and difficult to attain. You may have only small goals, and that really okay.

It is not the size of the goal that determines how happy and satisfied you are.

  • A goal can be to buy a house or car, or to become big company CEO or a president. It could be getting tickets to a show, reserving a table in a restaurant, or getting a good job.
  • As goal can be small and it can be big a big.
  • Some seek big goals, and others are satisfied with small goals.

Visualization and the law of attraction, together with the powers of the are a powerful force. Together, that can create great changes in your life and attract to you the things you want.

A lot has been written on visualization and the law of attraction, and a lot of people have tried them, some successfully, some attain partial success, and some did not get results at all.

Does this prove that the law of attraction does not work, or maybe you did not follow the guidance?

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Repeating the same thought day after day programs the subconscious mind to act according to this thought and to bring it into manifestation.

Thoughts and mental images lead to action, and action leads to results, fulfillment and achievement.

However, your thought should be focused, your belief stable, and your desire must be strong. This will energize your thoughts and turn them into reality.

This article is just a concise and general guide. It is an introduction to the power of the law of attraction and to the power of manifestation.

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Affirmations for Manifesting Your Dreams

Affirmations are part of the power of manifesting. To be effective, you need to focus on the words you are repeating, believe them, and allow no doubts in your mind. You need to feel that what you are repeating is true.

Of course, doubts and disbelief would rise and you might stop repeating the affirmations. This is natural and happens often. These are the people who stay positive and persevere who succeed.

Here are a few affirmations you might find useful:

  1. Everything I desire is coming true.
  2. My thoughts are manifesting the reality I want.
  3. I am manifesting love in my life.
  4. my good dreams are turning into a wonderful reality.
  5. I am open to receive financial abundance.
  6. I am attracting great love into my life.

Manifesting Quotes

Reading quotes about manifesting inspire and motivate, and teach about manifesting. Read each quotes several times every day, try to understand what it means, and how you can apply its meaning in your life.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
– Walt Disney

“Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny.”
– David McKay

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.”
Maya Angelou

“A person is only limited by the thoughts that he chooses.”
– James Allen

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”
– Bob Proctor

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