Ways to Improve Relationships

3 Ways to Improve Your Relationships

All relationships have to deal with change over time. Some of these are significant challenges, such as sickness or leaving a great distance from each other. It may be that your college friends are moving in a new direction that … Continue Reading

Stop Being Lazy

How to Overcome Laziness – 12 Tips

Are you decisive, energetic and a doer, or do you tend to procrastinate and prefer passivity? Do you sometimes ask yourself, how to stop being lazy? Do you wonder how not to be lazy when you feel so? What Is … Continue Reading

Happy Quotes

40 Happy Quotes and Phrases

Most people love to read and post quotes about various topics. One of the popular topics is happiness. Happy quotes are popular, because they bring a smile to the face, and create good feelings. Happy quotes make you feel better … Continue Reading

Simple Joys to Celebrate Daily

5 Simple Joys to Celebrate Daily

Amidst the new normal, we find ourselves living in fear and uncertainty. At times, we even get overwhelmed by sadness, anger and anxiety because we focus too much on all the things that have went wrong during the COVID19 Pandemic. … Continue Reading