Tips for Being Charismatic and Popular

It is a fact that most people want to be liked. Some people are easily liked, and others, try to make a good impression, but get the opposite results. Most people wish to look charismatic and become popular. It doesn’t … Continue Reading

Do Personal Growth Techniques Work?

People often start enthusiastically repeating affirmations, visualizing and using various inner growth techniques. They sometimes get fast, though minor results, and this makes them feel happy and elated, but after a while, nothing seems to work anymore. This causes frustration … Continue Reading

Imagination Can Attract Money

The Law of Opulence

This is what now is called “The law of Attraction”, and though this book was first published more than 100 years ago, you can see that there is nothing new under the sun, only different labels for the same subject. … Continue Reading

We Have Moved

I had no time to write lately, as we were busy moving to a new place. The guys from the moving company came on Monday, loaded everything on their truck and carried everything to our new place. We are now … Continue Reading

Packing the House

The time for moving away is approaching very quickly. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are moving to another town next week.   Packing everything takes quite a long time. You discover stuff you forgot about, books you … Continue Reading

The Secret and the Law of Attraction

“The Secret”, and many other similar books or films are great for inspiration and for creating expectations. They also awaken the belief that one can change his/her life and achieve success, yet this is not enough. A beginner might create … Continue Reading

Self Improvement – What Do You Improve?

The term self improvement is a bit misleading and is sometimes erroneously interpreted. What do you actually improve? You don’t improve your “self” and you don’t improve your “spirit”. What you do is develop certain skills to help you cope … Continue Reading

Moving to Another Town

I am now in the middle of packing everything, because we are moving to another town. It is strange how much stuff one collects and never uses, until one moves away and has to decide what to do with the … Continue Reading

Concentration versus Multitasking – Which Is Better

Concentration and multitasking, can they go together? I have been asked whether improving one’s concentration might interfere with one’s multi-tasking ability. Concentration means doing one thing at a time or thinking on one thought, and this is the opposite of … Continue Reading

Tips to Improve Concentration

How to improve your concentration and attention? Why it is important? Paying attention to what you are doing is one of the most important keys to success. If you are not able to hold your attention on one thing for … Continue Reading