Tips for Building Self Confidence

Building self confidence is important for everyday life and for achieving any task or goal.

How can you build self confidence, especially if you lack self confidence?

Stop judging yourself and comparing yourself to others. You might feel that you don’t measure up to other people, and this will further weaken your self confidence.

Accept yourself as you are, but also start working on building self confidence. It won’t appear suddenly. You need to work on developing it.

Self confidence is an attitude, and attitude can be changed.

Tips for Building Self Confidence:

1. Never tell yourself “I can’t.”

2. Always tell yourself “I can.”

3. No matter how many times you fail, there is always the next time.

4. Whenever you find yourself behaving with lack of self confidence, analyze what happened, and what caused you to behave in such a way.

5. When you catch yourself thinking how weak you are and lacking in self confidence, immediately start telling yourself the opposite.

6. Think of situations in which you usually lack confidence, but now, in your mind, visualize yourself acting with confidence.

7. Repeat several times a day affirmations such as:
“Self confidence is growing stronger and stronger in me.”
“I am able to deal confidently with every situation.”
“I feel strong and able to assert myself.”

8. Willpower and self discipline are very important for developing inner strength, assertiveness and confidence. There are special exercises to develop these abilities, and also a complete course to boost up your willpower and self discipline.

9. Don’t postpone or evade difficult and unpleasant tasks. They can teach you inner strength.

10. Before performing an activity that requires the display of strength, assertiveness or confidence, take a few deep breaths and relax your body.

“What seems impossible one minute becomes, through faith, possible the next.”
– Norman Vincent Peale

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