High Expectations and Disappointments

Do you think that the higher your expectations are the greater can be the disappointment?

Does this thought hold you from doing things in your life? If you think in this way, you will either refrain from acting, or subconsciously act in such a way as to bring failure and consequently disappointment into your life.

Not everything in life turns as one wants and expects, but that doesn’t mean one should not try. So what if there is failure? You learn from it and go on.

In order to achieve success in any area of life you need ambition and desire, and when you have ambition and desire, it is only natural to have expectations too. If there is fear of disappointment, you would either do nothing about your ambitions, or subconsciously spoil your chances of success, and then justify the saying that “The higher your expectations, the greater your disappointment.”

A good way to do things is to split them into small parts, small assignments or small ambitions. In this way they won’t feel intimidating, and it would be easier to achieve them. If things won’t work out, the disappointment won’t be great.

Build a Positive Thinking Mindset
Positive Thinking Want to succeed in whatever you do?
• Learn how to adopt positive thinking and develop a positive attitude.
• Learn how to avoid negative thoughts.
• Start expecting successful results.

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