Living One Positive Day

How about making an experiment with positive thinking?

How about living one whole day thinking, talking and acting positively?

Spend one day being completely positive, in thoughts, words and actions. If you feel any negative thoughts creeping in, then push them away and replace them with positive ones.

On this day, speak positively. Use positive words, congratulate people, show them your appreciation.

Avoid negative feelings, and when you feel they are getting the upper hand, think about some pleasant event or situation from the past, or engage in some positive activity that will take your attention away from these negative feelings.

Put a smile on your face and greet every person you see in a friendly way.

Smile, be nice and talk politely, even to people you don’t like.

Approach every task and action with a positive attitude, and with the belief and confidence that you can do it.

You will be amazed how this kind of behavior works. You would see immediate results in the attitude of people toward you.

This might not be easy, but this is just an experiment for one day, so do your best. You might again and again think negatively, but again and again bring yourself to think and feel positively.

Imagine what would happen if you did this everyday. You could really make some big changes in your life, in your relationships and in your work.

If you can live one positive day, how about two days, one week, one month, or every day of your life? What you can do in one day, you can learn to do every day. This will completely change your life.

Start trying to be more positive every day. Always look for the good in every situation and make the most of it. Always look for the bright side and see the half full of the glass, and your life will start to be brighter and happier.

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