Positive Attitude

Positive AttitudeA positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action.

It is very difficult to have a positive attitude in today’s time where a person’s life is full of tensions and worries. And often the more you try to be positive, the more you see the negative energy around yourself. But you shall keep trying as it is utmost important for personality development to have a positive attitude and faith in yourself. So here are some ways to be positive and work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Do Not Wait for Happiness
Try to find happiness in everything that is happening around you rather than waiting for good things to happen. You need to work towards happiness. You need to create a happy environment around you today to remain happy tomorrow.

Clarify and Prioritize
Learn to know what you want. If you know what you expect from yourself, your future becomes clear and your goals become attainable.

  1. Clarify your purpose: A purpose is something you fulfill each moment when you are in balance with your life. (A purpose is a simple, positive statement of why you are here). A purpose isn’t a goal statement, which one can achieve.
  2. Discover your purpose: by identifying & prioritizing your most important roles in life (at home, at work, community etc) List the positive qualities that you aspire to possess: Honesty, Philanthropic, Accommodating, Tolerant etc.
  3. Visualize your future, with a clear picture in your mind of what you want to accomplish in your lifetime (you can become what you think you are and what you see). You should learn to control your mind for visualizing. One of the most powerful techniques for achieving life goals is visualization (creating a mental image of something happening in future). Believing in and visualizing your dreams can motivate you to become what you want to be.
  4. Set goals for yourself .To help your dreams for the future become a reality, you need to set short & long term goals.

To provide steady fuel for your energy, create a list of long term goals to be accomplished in life time & break them into several interim short term goals to help you chart your progress everyday. As you would see yourself progressing, you would be motivated towards your goals even more.

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Be a Resilient
Resilient people are those who face setbacks but ultimately, with perseverance, recover from them.

Try to be strong and face life’s difficulties as challenges and not as problems; respond accordingly with action, rather than with fear, self-pity, inferiority or blame. Replace the word ‘PROBLEM’ in your dictionary with the word ‘CHALLENGE’.

Don’t be scared of failures. Failures are also a part of life and if you do not have any failure at any time in life, that may be because you missed out trying something. If you have seen failure, you would find success to be sweeter. While life can be very challenging, an important step in becoming more resilient is to develop the habit of talking positive about yourself and to remind yourself that you are strong and can grow stronger and wiser.

Self Pep Talk
One’s inner dialogue is one’s biggest strength and critic. Listen to your inner self and talk to it. Motivate yourself rather than getting motivated by others. Once you yourself are motivated, then you will be able motivate others also. It is the inner voice that makes us critical of ourselves. Rule your inner voice!

Laughter is the best medicine
Make laughter a part of your day. When feeling low, read funny stories or go through a joke book. Allow yourself to open up. See the funny side of things and you will realize, life is complex, yet funny game.

Seize the day
Always enjoy the moment. Do not worry about your past or future. Live for the day. What has happened is irreversible and what will happen is unknown, so try and enjoy what you have. Like someone has rightly said:
“The past is history, the future is mystery.
Today is a Gift, That is why we call it the Present”

Be an Optimist
This is the golden rule to maintaining a positive attitude. This is also the key to personality development. Always believe in yourself. Being an optimist does not only mean to see the brighter side of life. View the surroundings wherein you maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

It is difficult to change yourself in a day But at least give it a try.” Romewas not built in a day”. Whatever the mind expects, it finds. A positive attitude in life will help you go places.
Remember, I CAN and I WILL.

Having positive attitude in life gives you confidence. It reflects in your personality. So if you are willing to have personality development, then your positive attitude will help in the same. Positive attitude rules must be remembered and recalled again and again.

The author
Anurag Aggarwal is a public speaker and a trainer on Public Speaking, Presentation Skills and Personality Development for nearly 12 years and has conducted over three thousand workshops, trainings and seminars so far.

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Positive ThinkingWant to Succeed in Whatever You Do? THINK POSITIVE!
Positive thinking is the way to success.
Learn how to adopt a positive way of thinking and expect successful results.
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