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9 Best Psychology Scholarships in the USA

Psychology Scholarships

Scholarships and grants are especially popular in the United States of America as a democratic country. The best sources for financial assistance to the most talented researchers who major in psychology are universities, labs, funds, and NGOs.

Be persistent and proactive in your desire to join an applicant pool and increase your chance of getting the money to continue your study.

The best way to succeed in this process is to look everywhere and apply for as many specialized scholarships in the US as you can find. As they say, if you cast a wide net, you will get some fish.

There are many web aggregators and educational platforms that will support you in your search.

Whether you want to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree in different fields of psychology or just need a research grant, be bold and go ahead.

Top 9 Scholarships

Here is a list of top 9 scholarships for those studying psychology and craving for professional growth:

1. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University

This highly reputable institution invites all qualified candidates promising to make graduate study financially affordable to the most talented of them.

There is the special Office of Financial Aid helping PhD or MA applicants to make up a strategy to get resources necessary to complete their graduate education. This is a superb opportunity for the learners who see their future in science or academic environment.

2. NAJA Graduate Scholarship

It has been available since 1962 for the most gifted fellows going to pursue their careers working directly with children. It was established by the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries for second-year graduates interested in researching different mental health problems, speech pathology, or special education.

If you dream of becoming a useful member of society, this is obviously your choice.

3. Future Counselors of America Scholarship

With $ 1000 to boost virtual dating studies, it’s an unexpected donation to help lonely hearts.

This money is allocated annually to students with a 3.5 or higher GPA. To apply, you must submit a 500+ word essay on why people go online for love.

If you feel it hard to cope with academic writing, feel free to hire a writer at a reliable custom essay writing agency. This way, you will get professional assistance with your assignment in a timely manner.

4. American Psychological Foundation Scott and Paul Pearsall Grant

The grant is tailored specifically for the graduates and early career workers who want to raise a level of public concern for adults who live with obvious physical disabilities, f. e. cerebral palsy.

The society should understand the psychological pain and stigma experienced by these people. Thus the students are expected to develop really effective strategies to reduce such harmful misconceptions and mistreating.

5. APA Student Research Award

Established by the society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, this financial support program is aimed at graduate and undergraduate students.

Given the high spiritual role religion plays in our lives, there are a lot of issues to examine in-depth. Lucky recipients are supposed to use the money to complete their own project in the field.

6. Department of Psychology Scholarships & Awards, University of Minnesota

The department runs several financial programs aimed at practical work and case studies.

There are donor awards supporting undergraduates who gain hands-on experiences at different levels: local communities and international environment.

Travel grants are available for learners daring to participate in a university research conference or professional psychological gatherings. Nowadays, with a global dominance of Zoom-assisted events, local trips are still possible.

7. William G. McGarvey Outstanding Senior Award in Psychology

The scholarship is tailored for college seniors to deepen their knowledge in the field, only for the learners with outstanding academic excellence and psychology achievements.

Winners and their mentors are also awarded a certificate that will beautify a personal cabinet of any practitioner.

8. The Diversity Article Awards

Talented students may enjoy four small grants in the amount of $300 each for the challenging articles on the topic of diversity issues. Whether you are interested in ethnic minorities, physical disabilities, LGBTI, and other similar issues, you may try your luck to produce the best content on a paid basis.

9. Psi Chi

This option is available at the National Honor Society in Psychology that we also know as Psi Chi.

It supports students of different years to complete a degree in psychology. The major perk of this program is that winners may use the money during the current study. Besides, the body is known for long and friendly relationships with the alumni.

A key precondition is an outstanding academic record.

Thanks to generous donations and state funds, many promising future psychologists enjoy all benefits of a supportive higher education community. After all, this noble specialization is more than a profession but a calling to help society and make this world a better place for those in need.

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