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5 Coolest Schools of Web Design in the USA

School of Web Design

Choosing to become a web designer is one of the smartest decisions in 2020.

It is a job that will not only secure a good salary but will also give you a chance to work remotely. You can choose to work from home or some resort in Indonesia.

There are a lot of institutions that keep up with tech trends and offer some of the best web design programs in the world. Here are 5 top US universities you need to consider first of all.

Santa Clara University

At this institution, you get to learn more than just web design.

Apart from the regular creative and technological aspects of web design, you will also get to learn the psychological and sociological side of it.

To be more precise, you will learn how people interact with web design, what styles work well for them and what don’t, what can keep them on the website, or make them lose interest.

After all, web design is made for people and not robots, that is why user experience should be of primary importance for all web designers.

As a rule, studying here is done in stages, with each of the web design aspects taking a different stage.

Another perk of Santa Clara University lies in the fact that it is located in the middle of Silicon Valley, the global capital of technology.

So, it is not only the quality of education but also the prestige that makes this university stand out.

DeVry University

DeVry University offers students multiple options when it comes to web design. One can choose to pursue a specialization in Web Design and Development and then get an Associate’s degree in Web Graphic Design.

The modern world of web design is very competitive, but well-educated and creative designers are always in high demand.

Here, students can be sure to get ready for the competitiveness of the tech market as the local programs teach students innovative web design techniques, which involve video, animation, interactivity, and other components that make websites efficient and user-friendly.

One of the perks of studying at DeVry University is that during your program, you will get enough experience and aid to build a professional portfolio, which will help you get a full-time job after you graduate.

There are also a lot of online course options for those who prefer studying remotely, which makes this school of web design very flexible.

The University of California – San Diego

At this institution, you can expect to participate in a challenging program that will get you ready for the profession of a web designer.

The exciting thing is that you can pair a specially designed one-year certification in Graphic & Web Design with any degree you choose to pursue, and you will still be qualified for the job of a graphic designer.

The comprehensive training developed by the institution will give you all the needed knowledge in visual arts and web design.

You will have enough time to master the required software and get acquainted with the essential industry technologies.

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Purdue University

This university is located in the state of Indiana, and it claims to offer 200 various programs to its students. Among the fortes of the institution are engineering, business, English, and science.

As a web design student, you will get a chance to learn everything about the human-computer interface and get a fair share of theory, programming, and creative design.

The university promises to give its students all the needed knowledge in key software programming and help them create a final web product to get enough practical experience.

Naturally, there are a lot of career paths that open up with such a high-quality degree. Among them are such professions as Web Developer, Web Architect, Database Administrator, User Interface Designer, and others.

It is an excellent option for those who are looking for an educational challenge and a chance to get all the needed preparation to face the current tech market with little to no stress.

Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University is a huge private institution that has around 18 thousand students. It offers a unique Web Design and Development program where students examine the job of a web developer from different facets.

As a student, you get to study a lot of interesting facts about entertainment, business, new technology, and education.

As someone interested in web design, you will be encouraged to pursue one of the three programs: Web Development, Web Design General, or Web Communication and Business.

All of these programs will give you a solid start on your path towards the career of your dreams and will help you gain a clear understanding of the way web design works and how one can get it close to perfection.