Can the Tenets of Success Help Me Pass an Online Course?

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Can the Tenets of Success Help Me Pass an Online Course?

There are quite a few rules and laws of success.

If you are taking an online course, is it possible to use these rules and laws to help pass the test? Will these notions help somebody persevere, do better, concentrate harder, and so forth?

Law of Attraction

Wish it, want it, do it. The law of attraction may not play a heavy role when you are studying an online course, but it may have certain repercussions that help you maintain your studies.

Taking an online course is not the sort of thing where you can leave it all until the last minute. If you do, then the work piles on so quickly that you have a hard time recovering.

The law of attraction may not help this situation, but it may keep your studies at the top of your mind.

Since the law of attraction asks that you focus on what you want on a regular basis, then one assumes that if you want to complete the course, then having a general obsession about it may help you. At the very least, it will stop you putting your course to the back of your mind.

Creative Visualization

Again, something like creative visualization may not help you achieve your online study goals directly, but it may help you as a byproduct of creative visualization.

Let us assume that you use the tenets of creative visualization to help you complete your course. The idea of procrastination will become more important. It may not light a fire under your enthusiasm, but it will make procrastination more uncomfortable.

Perhaps, if you were to use this uncomfortable feeling, you would succeed a little better. For example, if you were able to alleviate your feelings of discomfort with quick ten-minute bursts of study, perhaps that alone would help you stay on track to completing your course.

Achieving Goals

The sheer weight of goal-achieving techniques that exist in this world are staggering, so it is a little unfair to spout a broad stroke saying that all of them will help you complete your course.

Yet, almost every online course, from a course on basic math, to a masters for health services management, will require completion in incremental steps. Perhaps focusing on achieving those steps would help.

The heavily touted, albeit oversimplified, “Break larger tasks down into smaller actions” would be applicable here. Rather than focusing on the mountain of work required to go from unqualified to qualified, you would focus on what will get you from one module to the next.


Perhaps affirmations are one of the few success methods that will not help you complete a course at all. There is no affirmation yet created that helps you push through the slog of hard work.

If you have a course-related problem that doesn’t involve motivation or procrastination, then that issue may be solved by affirmations. For example, if you are a hard worker and happy to work, but you are struggling with the course content, then affirmations may help.

If you are a hard worker, highly motivated, and happy to work, but you have a lot of negative self-talk problems, then affirmations may help a little; even if you used a simple technique such as vowing to say an affirmation after every instance of negative self-talk.

Time Management

If you were working on any single success methodology, then perhaps the most powerful is time management. Improving your time management skills is a massive help.

One of the most difficult elements to completing an online course is time management because your studying is not structured in the same way that classroom study is structured. The better you manage your time, then the less you will fall behind and the easier your course becomes.

Good time management also helps you set up a routine and positive habits.

Completing an online course can be easy and it can be difficult: it all depends on how you approach the course.

Poor time management skills make the whole process more difficult, simply because you have to correct your own behavior yourself. You do not have a teacher standing over you, you have to fix yourself.

Good time management eliminates most of the more common home-study problems that people experience.

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