Abundance and Prosperity Start in Your Mind

The thoughts you focus on have a great impact on your financial condition and your prospects of obtaining abundance and prosperity.

Though current national and international situations can affect your financial condition, yet, if you choose your thoughts wisely, and focus only on what you really want, you can achieve success and improve your financial conditions even in rough times.

The power that brings you success or failure, prosperity and abundance or poverty resides in your mind, and not in Wall Street or current market conditions.

You can still make money and enjoy life regardless of what’s happening in the economy. All you need is learn to focus your mind on your goals, on positive results, and on positive outcomes.
Sadly, most people waste their time and energy letting their mind be ruled by outside sources, the press, TV, current world conditions, and what other people say and do.

You waste and weaken your mind power, motivation and confidence when you listen too much to the news, especially negative economic news.

I’m not telling you to ignore economic and financial news. That would be an irresponsible act.

I am suggesting that you understand the state of economy and prepare yourself for any condition, but don’t dwell too much on what you hear or read. Listen and read the news, but in a detached manner, without letting them affect your state of mind, and regardless how difficult this might be.

Stay positively focused on your goals and plans, and what you focus on, will eventually grow and come to pass.

Don’t let bad economic news be an excuse to think negatively, complain and get despondent. Be careful with what you think and feed your mind, otherwise you might inadvertently let bad economic news become self-fulfilling prophecy.

Remember, Abundance and prosperity start in your mind. If you can think and believe that you can possess abundance and prosperity, they will sooner or later manifest in your life.

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