Can Thoughts About Riches Make You Rich?

Do you believe that thinking about riches and wealth can make you rich and wealthy? Do you believe that a few affirmations and a few minutes of visualization would attract a lot of money into your bank account?

You certainly have come across programs promising wealth and riches in a short time, with hardly any effort on your part. How real are these programs and promises?

You can make changes in your life and you can attract money with the power of your thoughts and with visualization, but this does not mean that you can achieve everything.

Theoretically you can, but practically there are limitations. It is not that the power of thoughts is limited. It is we who impose limitations on our desires and achievements, through our beliefs and through our attitude.

The question is, are you really willing to become a multimillionaire?

  • Are you equipped with all necessary trait characters and abilities?
  • Is there something specific you want to excel in?
  • Are you willing to devote your time and energy to business?
  • Can you run a company?
  • Do you really want to run a company, with all the responsibilities this entails?

Many of you would probably say no, become uncomfortable with these questions, or just ignore them.

It is one thing to wish to be rich or daydream about it, and another thing to work toward achieving wealth and riches.

You can be rich if you follow certain mental laws and actions. However, you should be willing to invest time and effort where necessary, spend money to gain the necessary information, education or help, and be willing to follow whatever it takes to accomplish your goal.

How many people you know would be really willing to do this?

It is a pleasant thought to want wealth and believe that you can get plenty of it with just a few minutes of visualization.

Do you know anyone who became rich instantly and without doing anything? Yes, people who inherited large sums of money or people, or people who won the lottery. Well, this can happen, but to how many people?

If you don’t have a rich relative, then how would you be rich, by winning the lottery? Well, that’s a possibility, but if you expect the win the lottery you are limiting your opportunities and chances to be rich.

Will money fall on you from the sky? If you visualize money, and not for just a few moments once and then, you will get it, but it will probably appear in a most natural way, through a new job, promotion, a new idea, success in business etc.

Most people live simple lives, and would just like to improve their life, one step at a time. Few would be able to handle vast riches coming to them overnight.

Dream about being rich, if you wish, but be prepared to work for it, mentally first, through visualization and affirmations, and then in real life too. Visualizing your goal would attract opportunities and open doors, but you will have to take advantage of these opportunities.

The power of thoughts, creative visualization and the law of attraction can change your life, but they require that you practice and follow them assiduously.

You also need to possess a strong desire to achieve your goal, be practical and alert to recognize the right opportunity or idea, and be willing to act and devote the necessary time and energy take advantage of opportunities and ideas.

When a door opens you need to be able to recognize it, have to courage to enter inside, and be willing to follow where it leads.

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