Do You Wish to Achieve Success?

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Do you wish to achieve success in a certain area of your life?

If you do, and if you are reading this article, you probably do, then what are doing about it? Are you just reading books?

Often, people read a book on creative visualization, or what is now called the law of attraction, and get inspired by it. They realize that they can really improve their life, and for a while live with feelings of euphoria.

However, often, these feeling are short lived, and unless they read another book, the inspiration and euphoria fade away.

Some people read a book, and another book, and then another one. They finish reading one book, and then promise themselves that they will start implementing what they read after they finish reading another book, but when they finish reading the next book, they search for another one, and then for another one.

Are you addicted to just reading books about improvement and success? Do you enjoy the sense of elation they give you?

That’s great, but without following the advice and guidance you read nothing will change in your life.

Books offer information and point the way, but the work has to be done by you. Successful people did not become successful just by wishing they could succeed. They worked both on the mental and the physical planes.

Too often, people do not take action and use what they learn.

They avoid any effort, and are afraid of obstacles, failure or what people might say about them.

People live in their imaginary world, and only dream of success. They read books on success, visualization or self-improvement, but this is the only thing they do about achieving success, which is not enough.

Success Requires Action

  • Are you willing to step into what is called “the real world” and work and act and interact with people?
  • Are you really willing to do whatever it takes to improve your life?
  • Are you willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success?

Look at successful people in any field. Do they just read books and daydream? No, they make decisions, they work, and they act and interact with people.

Most of them might not be aware that they are using any kind of mental tools, such as visualization or affirmations, but they instinctively use these tools correctly. They daydream and have a vision, but they don’t stop there, but do everything they can to turn their vision into reality.

  • Do you wish to have a successful website? Then you need to read, write and devote a lot of time to improving and marketing your website.
  • Do you wish to be a writer? Then you need to write and find ways to publish your book, not just daydream.
  • Do you want to be a doctor, an engineer, a successful businessman or actor? Continue dreaming, because this will keep your mind on your objective, but this is only one of the first steps.

If you have read books on creative visualization and the law of attraction, start putting the instructions into practice.

If after reading a book you still don’t know how to proceed, then read another book, because not all books are really practical. Some of them just make promises, or provide a little practical guidance, and don’t really don’t tell you what to do.

A great number of people shun effort and are easily attracted by get-rich quickly methods. They prefer methods that promise quick and immediate results, but like everything in life, time, effort and work is necessary to achieve anything of value.

Can a few minutes a day of listening to subliminal messages CD or following any getting rich quickly method make you a rich as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or, Warren Buffett?

What books on success to read?

I am not talking about books on business and making money. I am referring to books on creative visualization, the law of attraction and affirmations.

There are many books available on creative visualization and the law of attraction. some are more practical and others less practical. Some inspire, but don’t offer real instructions, and others, are very practical and useful, but might not appeal to everyone, because they insist on work, even if it is mainly mental work.

If you wish to learn more about this topic I suggest you read the book Manifest and Achieve.

The book offers step-by-step guidance and instructions on how to use creative visualization to achieve goals, and explains clearly what to do and how. It also includes examples of how to use the power of creative visualization to achieve various goals.