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Secrets of Your Talent and Dominant Gift Empowered by Your Thoughts

Talent and Gift

This post was written out of my own experience and some experience from successful people today e.g. Michael Jordan.

There is something you can do better than anybody else; there is something that makes what you do easy and different. That’s your talent.

We all possess innate abilities and talents. Some of us may have discovered our talent at a very young age.

Failures do not make use or leverage their innate abilities. They do not bother to discover, improve and successfully deploy their talents.

They function in the area of their weakness instead of building on their strength. They talk about how gifted an athlete, singer, painter, writer, or scientist is, but fail to develop and deploy their talents.

You are as blessed as every other successful celebrity, entrepreneur, athlete, and singer on earth.

Success is not the birthright of a few people. It is yours if you want and desire it.
“Failures do not use their God given talents.”

No matter how much money you generate working at a job where your talent is not utilized, you will remain unhappy and unfulfilled.

Your unhappiness is a result of not using your talent. When you fail to use your gift by refusing to put it to work, you do not honor yourself.

If you want to honor yourself, start developing and deploying your talents. Use them, focus on them, and deploy them creatively. And you will be happy you did.

Avoid Giving Excuses About Your Talent

People who give excuses lie to themselves; they lie to every other person they give an excuse to.

Each time you give an excuse, you tell a lie that dehumanizes you. It makes you feel less and insignificant.

There is a point you get in life, and you realize that every excuse you give determines the amount of failure you will be rewarded with.

You can do better than what you are doing, become more, achieve more, and change the world!

People who struggle through life are those who have never developed and deployed their talents to creative use.

The truth is that the majority of people do not even scratch the top of their potential and talk less about utilizing it. Your potential lies dormant, waiting to be stirred up and utilized.

Mike Murdock, the bestselling author of the law of recognition, says that you may have many gifts, but to succeed in life, you should place your full concentration on your dominant gift.

Advantage of Dominate Gift

This is the innate abilities that empower you to shine almost easy. When you build your life around your dominant gift, you will reign and rise up to the top of your career, calling and profession.

What happens if you don’t deploy your dominant gift?

If you don’t focus and deploy your dominant gift, you will struggle up the ladder of life, while others who use their gifts ride the elevator to the top.

How failure and success begin in the mind

If you limit your thoughts, you will end up in failure. But if you place your attention on improving your dominant gift for creativity with strong thoughts of confidence, you will surely make it.

To a great extent, to master failure you should first take a good look at the thoughts you accept to hold sway in your mind. Guide your mind preciously.

“Success thoughts attracts success result.”

“Failure thoughts attracts failure result.”

Creating Your World with Your Dominant Gift with the Power of Thoughts

You are the architects of your destiny. You are the creator and designer of your future. You create your reality by the thoughts you encourage in your mind.

The thoughts you encourage are the forces which attract success and failures into your lives.

  • Thoughts are alive
  • Thoughts are things
  • They are magnetic forces
  • Thoughts are your reality
  • Thoughts are pictures

When you brainstorm about a particular word in your mind, what you see is a picture of that word.


Word in your mind is a CAR.

What model of car did you see?

I saw a Range Rover; I love the car. Word generates images; these images take change our minds and ultimately our lives.

You should fill your mind with vibrant images of success. To be successful, hold images of success in your mind.

Daily things to do which affect your dominant gift with your thoughts:

  1. If you want to become an outstanding successful person with your dominant gift, learn to paint a beautiful picture of yourself successful in whatever endeavor you choose to devote your life to.
  2. Wake up in the morning with that picture in your mind. Go to bed with that picture in your mind.
  3. Create a picture of all the great things you want to accomplish with your life.
  4. Put it in a board or in a folder where you will see it regularly.

The simple and hard way to keep your thoughts which affects your dominant gift alive is to read books written by successful people. Invest in your mind; it is your greatest asset.

About the Author
Tochukwu Ibe is a spirit inspired Christian blogger and a youth academy athlete, who loves writing and sharing Christian related articles, such as family matters, parenting tips, Christian living, and family health tips.