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A Surefire Way to Achieve Your Goals

 Achieve Your Goals

How do you achieve a goal? How often do you succeed?

Well, most people have a very low success rate. Why do they fail? Are their goals too difficult or impossible to achieve? Or is there some other reason?

For most who fail, the problem is not with the goals but with the approach.

They set goals, plan and start working on them. But this is not sufficient to ensure success.

This article is all about following the right approach that is being the vibrational match for your goals. It means you acquire the vibrational energy similar to your goal. You resonate with it.

How does It Work?

When you become the vibrational match for your goal, you attract results at a faster rate. It is the universal principle that energies of similar kind attract each other. This is what we call the Law of Attraction.

It is always working. You may be unaware of it because you don’t do it consciously on your part. When you work on a goal, you slowly acquire the vibrational energy similar to it. This energy attracts success for you.

People think that success is the direct result of their actions. But in reality, their actions are creating success indirectly by creating the vibrational energy, which in turn, attracts success.

When you fail despite taking actions, it is because you failed to become the vibrational match for what you want. And that is the real reason for the low success rate of majority.

Taking action alone does not necessarily mean you will succeed. But if you are an exact vibrational match for your goal, you will surely succeed.

Instead of working on the indirect factor, work on the direct factor. Rest of everything will follow easily.

Follow these steps to become the vibrational match for your goal:

Step One to Achieve Goals

The first step is to acquire the right mindset. Everything starts in the mind first. Your imagination powers must be strong (or they will become strong with practice).

Imagine clearly how your life will change after achieving your goal. Your life would not be the same as it is now. How would you feel? How would you behave? How would you think and act? Imagine every detail with great accuracy.

For example suppose your goal is to attain some level of physical fitness. When you will achieve it your life will change in some ways.

You will feel better. You will exercise regularly to maintain that fitness. It will be your habit. You will be conscious about your diet and eat only healthy foods. Your way of dealing with people will be changed. You will not feel insecure anymore.

The above mentioned changes are related to fitness goals. You can also imagine how your specific goal will affect your life.

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine everything. So you can observe other people who already have achieved what you want. Their life situations may be different from yours but you will get some useful ideas.

This will help you to improve the mental picture of your changed life.

Step Two for Achievement

Next step is to introduce those changes in your real life as much as you can.

Start feeling, acting and behaving as if you have already achieved your goal. With reference to the fitness goal example, start developing the habits and lifestyle of a person who is already fit.

Again, not all changes are practically possible. But your job is to do what is possible. Over time you will become a better vibrational match for your goal.

Keep in mind that you not only have to feel, think and behave, but also act like the successful person you want to be.

Many people misunderstand this process. They feel everything in mind but their actions are same as earlier. Only feeling or only acting will not bring the results.

Your feelings, thoughts, behavior, actions and your whole being, all should be in harmony with each other and with your goal. When this happens, success is inevitable.

Step Three to Make Goals Come True

Final and the most difficult step, is to maintain continuity in doing all this.

It is not easy for people to think, act and live like a person they want to be, for long. They find it difficult to introduce the changes in their life when the goal is not achieved. So they fall back into the old patterns.

You have to be careful here. You still have not achieved your goal. The outside reality, situations and circumstances will still reflect your true state of life. So your mind will be easily distracted.

But instead of focusing outside, focus inside where you have created the mental picture of your success.

If you persist you will see the outside circumstances and situations changing slowly to come in alignment with your vibrational energy. And a day will come when you will have achieved your goal.

The more you use this method the better you will get at it, just like anything else. And you will also realize why you failed at many of your goals in the past. Now you will clearly see the mistakes you made. Now you will achieve the goals you earlier thought were impossible.

About the Author
Vikas Kajla is a blogger and freelancer. He is the author at The Inspirational Spirit, a website aiming to inspire people all over the world to improve their lives. You can find and contact him on Google Plus.