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5 Easy Tips to Think Yourself Fit, Healthy and Radiant

Fit Healthy Radiant

Some people just seem to have it all—a gorgeous, glowing face, strong body, perfect skin, and all the energy in the world. They can leave a feeling of despair and unfairness in your heart because it seems to come so effortlessly and easily to them.

Have you ever considered the fact that they intentionally created this life and reality for themselves?

Actually, we all have the power in us to become the architects of our being – and not just feel like mere victims of chance.

Our thoughts are the source of our beliefs, actions, and ultimately, habits, which form our lives. This can sound very scary—or very relieving—because we don’t need to work in so many different areas to kick-start new habits that will completely transform our lives!

It all starts in your Mind

Are you setting yourself up for success or failure?

What is your mind telling you about yourself?

We all have old beliefs about ourselves and life in general—like we’re not good enough, capable enough, or prone to failure at everything, and that life is stressful and hard. But the truth is that just by existing, you already deserve to lead a life full of wonder, bliss, and your unique desires.

Become mindful to your inner thoughts, maybe write them down and re-phrase them into positive, uplifting ones.

For example, when your belief about yourself is ‘I always fail at everything,’ you could start telling yourself, ‘I am capable of doing anything I really want.’

When your old belief arises, calmly recognize it and tell it STOP, then repeat your new, positive phrase a couple of times.

Luckily, our brains are not static, and we can create new neurological pathways, which are like streets for our thoughts. The more used and bigger such a pathway is, the more natural the thought will come.

Practical Tips to Help You Begin a Healthier Life

Now, we don’t want to leave you with just our wise words, but will add some easy-to-follow and understandable advice to it. Maybe some of the following points are no news to you, but knowing them doesn’t automatically mean incorporating them and walking the talk.

1. Get in TOUCH

First off, it’s crucial to come from a gentle and loving place. Don’t force yourself too much.

Any change is some kind of stress for our whole system and you want to make this very gradual, though some people are of the all-or-nothing kind, that’s fine too. But consider the bounce rate, usually you are more likely to be consistent if you make changes that are easy and small.

Soon, they will feel like second nature.

It should feel like you are working WITH yourself, instead of against, meaning don’t buy into the ‘no pain no gain’ attitude. Rather let it flow by getting in touch with your desires and needs, get enough rest and joy, play around and make crazy plans for your dreams.

You are worth living the best life you can imagine!

2. Set Clear Intentions and GOALS

Next, you need some kind of direction to travel to. No worries, you don’t have to have it all figured out – just the main goals basically.

In the beginning, you may want to focus on just one or two areas in your life to avoid being overwhelmed.

Your goals don’t have to seem realistic yet (like running a marathon for someone who never works out), they just have to come from your heart.

Once you visualize yourself as having achieved it, feel it, smell it, hear it – you will start to see the next steps that you should take to start off exactly where you are. The path will kind of unfold before you, so keep looking and of course walking your talk!

3. Keep Your Food REAL, Whole, Fresh and Colorful

Now, this may not seem like a whole new idea to you, but you might still want to give these new approaches a try.

When speaking of ‘food’, we mean whole, natural and fresh foods – those that come from the ground and are not at all or only minimally processed. These are made for your body to consume and will leave you feel energized, satisfied and fill you up quicker.

All in all, they have a higher nutrient density while providing a lower calorie density at the same time. You can eat as much as you want every day while still losing weight – the sheer volume will make you stop before you can consume too many calories.

It’s also important to be grateful for your meal and be very mindful about it, arrange it in a nice way on your plate and concentrate on it while eating.

Being mindful of the tastes, textures and smells will satisfy you much more, and when you pay attention to your hunger or satiation, you can stop eating sooner than you normally would.

This is NOT about deprivation but rather going with your instincts and lovingly feeding your body. The food should make you feel calm and light afterwards, so you can still move around and have fun!

4. Make Your Movement FUN

This should have a whole different character than your dreaded ‘exercise program’, which makes you count every minute of it and often times even skip, because you couldn’t be bothered.

An easier and more sustainable way is looking for some kind of movement you really enjoy. What about climbing mountains, dancing around your house, swimming in a lake or some badminton in the sun?

When you have so much fun that you’re forgetting about the word ‘exercise’ all together, you have found the right thing. It will make you crave it and decrease your stress levels, which helps you losing weight even more.

There is a bigger chance you are allowing yourself a treat after a tough workout, than when you just think of it as a fun hobby.

Another plus is that regular movement helps your bowels as well, and increases your metabolism, which allows you to even eat a little more and still be shedding some pounds.

5. Stay Light and HAPPY

The last factor I want to talk about is stress, which can influence you on many levels.

First off, many people eat more when they are stressed, because they have less control over their willpower and are prone to indulge in some ‘comfort foods’ which are filled with a lot of chemicals that give your brain a feel-good boost.

But this feeling doesn’t last long and is often followed by huge cravings, bloating, sluggishness and weight gain.

Some natural grounding, energizing foods which contain tryptophan are nuts, seeds, bananas, oats and beans.

Your body also produces more cortisol when being stressed out – an important hormone, which makes you store fat more easily, suppress thyroid function and increase blood pressure.

Taking a few breaths here and there, not taking everything too seriously, and just laughing at little annoyances instead of letting them freak you out is the way to go here.

Stress also can keep you from sleeping, which contributes to weight gain due to a slower metabolism and depression (ever eaten out of a bad mood?). A shortened sleep time is also associated with more appetite and a lack of good decision making,

Now it’s your turn

To sum this all up, start by speaking nicely of yourself – and also others, because envy, gossip and putting people down is neither fair nor helping anyone.

Don’t focus on what others have that you wish for, rather let it inspire and empower you to try your best.

Focus on your unique goals and live as if you’d already reached them.

Laugh your stress off, surround yourself with like-minded people and see things more in perspective. This is your wonderful journey of self-development. Happiness exists right now and not just when you’ll have achieved your goals.

Make it fun and enjoy the ride.

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Alena wants to travel the world and bring joy to as many people as possible. She has a great passion for music, design, yoga, nature, health and self-development. Her highest priority is finding her true essence, to wallow in self-worth and learning to let go. She and her life partner have created, and are joining forces to build a community to make their dreams come true.