You Might Lose Subscribers when Updating Your Email List

NewsletterMy newsletter, ‘The Inner Powers’, has gradually grown, and became quite popular. New subscribers signed up every day, and in time, the list grew to more than 18000 subscribers.

The matter is that people keep signing up for new newsletters, and in time, they subscribe to so many newsletters, and they stop reading most of them.

I believe that you, too, subscribe to many newsletters, and at a certain point either unsubscribe, or just don’ open the newsletters, leaving them in your mailbox, intending to read them some day.

There are many subscribers who change their email address, and therefore, stop receiving the newsletter.

Some people don’t unsubscribe. They just delete the messages.

In time, the number of subscribers grows, but, actually, only a certain percentage of the subscribers receive or view the messages emailed to them.

Internet service providers look at engagement, whether people open or don’t open their messages. This tells them whether to deliver an email to the inbox or not. This means that if they see that messages are not opened, they lower their delivery rate of the said email list.

There are more reasons, why people don’t open or stop receiving or opening the newsletters they subscribed to, but there is no reason to go into them here.

As I said, my newsletter had 18000 subscribers, but my account with AWeber showed that only a certain percentage of the messages were opened. This meant that I paid for the delivery of 18000 messages, but many of them were never opened.

I knew I had to clean up the list, but there was no way I could know who didn’t open the messages from a certain date until today.

It was reasonable to suppose that the opening rate of the new subscribers was greater than old subscribers. However, this is not a fact. This proved to be a wrong assumption.

The problem with updating your email list, you might lose subscribers.

I started deleting all accounts older than 18 months. This brought the number of subscribers down.

I know that I might have deleted many legitimate subscribers.

If you are a subscriber to my newsletter, and you haven’t received any newsletters lately, it is possible your email address was removed from the list, and I apologize for that.

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