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Relocating to a Happy Place Can Help Your Work-Life Balance

Relocating to a Happy Place

Finding the perfect work-life balance means different things to different people. Whatever balance you define as optimal, the one thing we know for sure is that it’s not easy to obtain.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Countless studies show that happy workers are more productive workers, which is great for both you and your employer.

The impact on your mental health can be profound, too. The UK Mental Health Foundation carried out research into people’s attitudes and working practices. It found that 33% of people are unhappy about the amount of time they spend working.

Additionally, over 40% admitted work consumes the majority of their life, while 27% feel depressed.

The stats don’t paint a particularly positive picture, which is why balance is important, as it is explained in the guide to juggling life. The question is, how do you achieve the right balance?

How to Find the Right Balance

Changing jobs is one way. Better organization is another. Something else people striving for an optimal work-life balance do is relocate. While the results are undeniably subjective, some places are deemed to be better to live in than others. This can be down to an abundance of open space, stunning national parks, and high-quality leisure facilities.

When your surroundings are more appealing, you’ll be more driven to have a better work-life balance because there are things you want to do.

Assuming you’re willing and able, relocating can be a great way to improve almost every aspect of your life. It’s a big step, though, so it’s wise to do some research before you pack up your belongings and haul them halfway across the country.

As well as reading about possible destinations, it’s a good idea to spend some time on the ground. Cheap flights are easy to come by these days, so you might want to spend a few days in a city before you make any decisions.

The Top 5 Happiest US States

OK, so where do I start? Well, based on the 2023 World Happiness Report and other polls, the Travel rated these five states as the happiest places to live in the US:

5. New Jersey

Happiness Score: 61.98

New Jersey made it into the top five by scoring well in the “emotional and physical well-being” category.

The main reason for it being a positive place to live if you value well-being in all its forms is diversity. Specifically, New Jersey residents have access to golden beaches and scenic trails that are perfect for hiking.

Add to this a solid job market, plenty of leisure facilities, and good travel links, including routes to neighboring New York, and the Garden State has something for everyone.

4. Minnesota

Happiness Score: 62.82

Minnesota is ranked among the best US states on several surveys, which adds weight to the score it received. One of the main reasons residents give Minnesota a thumbs up is the economy.

The median household income in Minnesota for 2022, according to government data, was $84,313. The average US household median income in 2022 was $74,580. Throw a few Great Lakes into the mix, and you can see why people like living in Minnesota.

3. Maryland

Happiness Score: 64.62

Maryland is an all-around performer, making it into the top 10 of all three categories (emotional and personal well-being, environment, community, and environment) on the 2023 World Happiness Report.

Columbia is the go-to destination for many people who relocate to Maryland. As well as its academic prowess, the city has fantastic facilities for families. It’s also easy to access other parts of the US thanks to a great network of road, rail, and air links.

2. Hawaii

Happiness Score: 66.42

We barely need to explain why Hawaii is one of the happiest places to live in America.

Of all the places you could live, few are as visually impressive as Hawaii. Each island has a certain charm, and you won’t be short of beaches or places to swim. The cost of living is higher than in some US states, but the local taxes are low.

1. Utah

Happiness Score: 69.79

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Utah topped the list because it has a sense of community that other places lack. The state also has some of the best scenery in America. That’s why millions of people travel to Utah every year. Official data from Salt Lake City Airport shows that it schedules over 320 flights to 93 cities every day.

That’s ideal if you’re interested in relocating. An online travel agent like eDreams USA can help you find cheap flights to Utah using its AI-powered search engine. Then, with a few taps, you can filter the results to find a flight that will have you within state lines in no time.

From there, you can experience the natural beauty and warmth of Utah for yourself.

Even if you don’t end up moving to Utah, it’s a great place to visit. Every state in the top 5 is worth a visit.

Even if you can’t relocate, there’s still value in taking more time away from work. If you can do that, our tip is to visit the happiest US states. As well as having fun while you’re there, you might learn a thing or two about being happy.