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Nine Effective Ways to Lose the Weight Without Dieting

Lose the Weight

You might have tried different diets for weight loss; maybe a “lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks” or any other diet schemes along this line? But the problem with controlling your diet is you shed some weight, but you stay constantly hungry and lethargic. Besides, the minute you let loose with your diet, you gain back the extra pounds that you have shed.

If you have already faced this problem, controlling your diet to lose weight might seem futile to you.

But there is another way to go about it – losing weight without a diet. You need to find a way to gradually shed your excess weight, for which you don’t have to sacrifice your food intake or follow a rigorous routine forcing you to alter your lifestyle. Wondering how? Read on to find out.

Portion Your Food

This might sound like a no-brainer- the portion control of your food to stop overeating or even under-eating. However, you don’t have to reduce your regular food intake to half or even lower. Just portion your food according to your needs.

Regular servings at restaurants tend to be more than your requirement, which means you eat more than needed. While an occasional dining out will not harm you, avoid regular takeout or dining out in restaurants whenever you can.

Use Natural Supplements

Weight loss supplements are a great way to shed weight without diets.

To many, a fast and natural way to lose weight might be crucial for their overall health. And if the supplement doesn’t interfere with their regular medication, using a natural supplement might be the best option for them. However, before starting any weight loss supplement, make sure it is reviewed by physicians and approved by the authority. You can get reviews of natural supplement on FitnessBond.

Concentrate on Your Food and Eat Slowly

Did you know in various parts of the world, eating is regarded as an act of worship?

Now, if you are munching on a bagful of chips while lounging on your couch, it might sound hilarious to you. But don’t dismiss the act of eating as a mundane task. Your quality of eating or the way you eat impacts your health.

If you eat all your food in one gulp, your stomach might get full, but your brain might say otherwise. As you see, eating does involve both physiological and psychological responses.

If your brain can’t process what you have eaten, it will crave more food; although you have finished eating.

From now on, take your time to savor your meal; don’t just eat it all at once. Chew slowly and concentrate on your eating; set aside all the distractions while eating.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

If you think skipping breakfast will help to cut calories and lose weight, you couldn’t be more wrong. Skipping breakfast is only going to make you eat more on your later meal.
Even if you don’t over-eat, you will gain weight as it disrupts your metabolism. It also impacts your overall wellbeing, performance, and weight. Even if you are running late in the morning, have a bowl of healthy cereal with grains and fresh fruits.

Include More Fresh Produce in Your Diet

Low-calorie, high water content vegetables, and fruits are a great way to keep your stomach full.

Eliminate high carbohydrate foods from your kitchen and substitute them with more fresh produce.

Start your meal with a bowl of soup or salad; this will reduce your carb intake. Besides, all the fibers, minerals, and vitamins will help you to be fit. If you have to choose between a jar of cookie or carrot sticks, go with the latter.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water before a meal is scientifically proven to help your digestive system. As per studies, if you drink half-liter water half an hour before your meal, you will feel less hunger and less likely to intake more calories. If you drink warm water before breakfast, it can lower your belly fat. Besides, drinking water before breakfast helps to cleanse your digestive system.

Walk More

We are not talking about walking miles here. Just add fifty or maybe 100 steps more to your regular walking. For instance, you can ditch the car once or twice a week and walk while you are running errands, or maybe walk to your office if it is a few blocks away from your home.

Even, Indoor walking while you are on the phone can help you to be more active.

Must-Have Protein in Every Meal

Adding Protein to every meal is a great way to lose weight naturally. It also helps to boost your metabolism, gain lean muscle and suppress your appetite.

When you have protein-rich food, you become full with less food. It also helps to burn more calories. Include protein-rich foods such as yogurt, milk, cheese, legumes in your diet.

Apart from boosting your metabolism, protein also reduces your snack craving. Protein contributes to dopamine release; which is the pleasure hormone responsible for late-night snacking.

Eat Frequently

Whenever you have long intervals between meals, you tend to eat more. So, practice eating smaller meals more frequently; don’t leave too much gap between your meals. Add healthy snacks throughout the day; it will help you suppress hunger during mealtime.

Improve Your Sleep Routine

Have you noticed whenever you stay up late your mind nags you for some snacks? Late-night snacking can be the reason you keep gaining weight even after trying all the exercise.

If you are sleep deprived, your brain needs more caffeine to keep awake, so you keep drinking coffees and other sugary stuff to keep it satiated as a result you become sleep deprived.

So, make sure you follow a healthy sleep routine that doesn’t affect your diet. Besides, a healthy sleep pattern can also improve your metabolism and overall well-being.

The Bottom Line

Losing weight doesn’t require you to rigorously follow some strict diet. Those diet methods are short-lived and don’t provide any long-term solution to obesity.

For long term effects, you need some small change in your daily routine that is trivial but has a great impact on your health. For instance, staying hydrated or maintaining a regular breakfast routine is nothing hard to implement in your life right away. So, start practicing these small changes and see how they improve your health.