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Everybody Wants a Phenomenal Memory: What Is a Mnemonic Device?


Diving into the word of memory allows the discovery of pearls in memorization. Of those precious jewels, what is a mnemonic device?

A mnemonic device is an instrument granting access to memorize and remember information. These instruments are techniques a person may utilize to enable a better encoding system in the human brain, which aids the recall of desired information.

Not a single day goes by when we don’t squeeze our minds to retrieve data stored in there, somewhere. Therefore, we should make friends with mnemonic devices that fit our needs, whether we are scholars, working professionals, elders, children, or simply knowledge lovers.

Understanding the Mnemonic Device

Let’s try to find some purpose for this, by saying that 48% to 50% of the presented information about a person we are just getting to know will be forgotten. This is found in every article, book and research on the web.

With the benefit of the doubt that this is a fair number, chances are it is a higher percentage.

We can’t even remember names on faces seen daily. The difference is not much visible between us all, until you come across somebody who remembers the most important things about you. Some are attentive to detail, and we might say, are memory masters.

Gimmicks in the sleeve of mnemonics include the use of acronym/name mnemonic – 1st letter of each word in an array of items. For example, ROY G. BIV = colors of the light spectrum (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet).

Rhyme mnemonics are self-explanatory. For example, “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” two and blue rhyme.

Another great mnemonic is building memory palaces with Loci recall. Memory – Mind Palace is a fundamental memory technique, used by all World Memory Champions, and is an example of a mnemonic device.

A Mind Palace is created out of well-known environments with several specific objects inside i.e., loci. Furthermore, loci are unique objects, which serve as a folder to encode, store and retrieve a set of accurate information.

In a memory palace technique (i.e., method of loci), well-known environments are composed of several discrete loci. This is not just the ability to see an object soon after you look away as in eidetic memory, but something that instead sticks for good.

More about Mnemonic Device

Grandmaster of Memory, Jonas von Essen from Sweden, uses mnemonic methods to claim this title. No, he doesn’t have a phenomenal eidetic memory – a photographic memory, which only gives “a subjective experience that lasts for a few minutes and doesn’t make you remember more details anyway,” as Jonas says.

Then, what is an example of a mnemonic device that Jonas uses, you might ask. To memorize something, he mentally navigates through a path of loci to form a vivid link between the desired information and the specific loci. To retrieve the needed memories, he re-imagines walking through the particular environment of his Memory/Mind Palace.


In conclusion, one might ask, “What is a mnemonic device that fits for me?”

Well, if your parents or spouse like to move around the furniture at home, then a Mind Palace would get some getting used to.

We use memory recall daily, for our keys, for the names of new friends, grocery lists, speeches, places, and other things. Staying calm is essential, and it is really up to you how deep you want to go.

A perfect mnemonic device can greatly benefit by saving time, decreasing stress, and finally, learning something not many people intentionally can utilize, putting you one step ahead.

Choose something that can merge with life gradually, and you can go in any direction; but remember Never, Eat, Sour, Wheat – North, East, South, West.