Affirmations - Words with Power

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Affirmations Words with Power

Affirmations are positive statements that define your goal or desire in concise and clear words. Repeating them often, engraves them on the subconscious mind, which in turn, helps you achieve them.

Repeating affirmations is simple and effective technique for improving and upgrading your life.

You will find here all the guidance and advice you need to use affirmations effectively and successfully.

Hundreds of affirmations for love, happiness, improving relationships, attracting money, achieving success in business and in sports, getting rid of negative habits, and much more.

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About the Book

Affirmations - Words with Power is a unique book that explains what are affirmations, why and how they work, and how to use them successfully for any purpose you choose. The book teaches about the proper attitude and mindset to make affirmations work, and offers effective techniques and hundreds of affirmations for almost every purpose and goal.

Affirmations are positive statements about something you want to achieve. Repeating them often, affects your mind, your feelings, your mindset and your actions, and this in turn, affects your external world.

Repeating affirmations is a simple technique for creating positive changes in your life, and for helping you achieve success. To make affirmations work, you need to follow certain rules, which you will find in this book.

You will find in this book all the information and guidance you need, together with affirmations for almost every purpose, goal and desire. The affirmations are short and clear, and therefore, easy to remember and repeat.

You will find affirmations for:

  • Love and friendship.
  • Love and marriage.
  • Attracting money, abundance and prosperity.
  • Finding a rewarding job.
  • Health and healing.
  • Relaxation and releasing stress.
  • Losing weight and looking good.
  • Getting rid of negative habits.
  • You will also find affirmations for other goals.

Format: PDF eBook    Price: $16.95

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What You Will Learn?

  1. You will learn how to use affirmations correctly and effectively, and how to program your mind for success.
  2. You will learn how to use affirmations to create a happy, successful and better life.
  3. You will learn how to bring about positive changes into your life and how to attract the things you desire.
  4. You will learn to use affirmations to attract money, abundance and possessions, love and joy, happiness and new friends.
  5. You will also learn to use affirmations to get rid of negative habits and build positive ones instead, boost your self-confidence and inner strength, and much more.

Why is This eBook Unique?

This not just a collection of affirmations. The eBook includes detailed guidance, advice and instructions for making affirmations work, which you might not find anywhere else.

This eBook teaches simple and effective techniques for improving and upgrading your life. You will learn how to repeat affirmations and produce results.

You will learn to repeat affirmations anywhere and at any time, on the way to work, in the shower, or while waiting in line.

You will find here affirmations for almost every purpose and goal, for happiness, love, health, finding a job, building positive habits, losing weight, and for many other purposes.

About the Authors

My name is Remez Sasson. I am the founder of the website, which I have been running successfully since 2001.

I am the author of articles and books that teach how to create a life of success, happiness and inner peace.

We all want to success, happiness and inner peace, but do not know how to do get them. In my books, I provide the knowledge, tools and exercises for getting them.

Dorina Sasson, my wife, who is the co-author of this book, has been trained in Louise L. Hay's teacher training course, and is a certified teacher for "You can heal your life" study course, and "Love yourself, heal your life" workshop.

Dorina works with me. She edited my books and has designed all the book covers.


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Affirmations - Words with Power

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