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Calm Down the Nonstop Chatter of Your Mind

Calm Down the Constant Chatter of the Mind - Book

Does Your Mind Burden You with Nonstop Thinking?

Do you overthink and worry about everything?

Do you lack control over your thoughts?

Do you tend to inflate every difficulty beyond proportions?

Do thoughts about unimportant matters bother you?

Learn to Calm Down Your Mind and Stop its constant Chatter!

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The Habitual Behavior of the Mind

Our mind is constantly busy, every hour of the day. Thoughts about myriads of subjects enter the mind, stay a little while, and then make room for other thoughts. Thoughts, ideas, worries and fears constantly capture the attention and occupy the mind.

This nonstop activity does not allow the mind to think clearly, to be sharp, and to be calm.

What Is the Meaning of a Calm Mind

Imagine yourself safe inside your house, while a storm is raging outside. The storm is raging fiercely, with strong winds, rain, thunder and lightning, but your house protects you from all of them. No matter what is happening outside, you feel safe, because your house can withstand any storm.

A calm mind is like this house, it shelters and protects you from difficult people, impatience, restlessness and stress.

It keeps your mind and your emotions calm, protects you from irritations and agitations, and enables you to deal efficiently with any issue that comes along.

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How to Calm the Restless Mind

Our mind is more sophisticated than the most advanced computer. However, it is restless and busy with nonstop thinking from the moment we wake up until we fall asleep.

The mind is always busy with worries, fears and inner discussions, and inflates insignificant events beyond proportions. This needless nonstop thinking disturbs your tranquility and robs your inner peace.

Therefore, you need to:

  • Learn to calm down the incessant chatter of the mind.
  • Learn to stop overthinking.
  • Learn to control the thoughts that enter your mind, by refusing to let in thoughts that create unhappiness, stress and fears.

The Benefits of a Calm Mind

  • When constant chatter and constant thinking do not occupy your mind, your mind becomes sharper, more focused, and therefore, more resourceful and more productive.
  • A peaceful mind keeps your emotions calm, and protects you from irritation and agitation.
  • When dealing with difficult people and difficult situations, a calm mind gives you better self-control and more poise.
  • One of the most significant assets of calming down the chatter of the mind is learning to stop overthinking and repetitively brooding over fears, worries and problems
  • A calm and peaceful mind is a great asset at work, at home, in relationships, when interacting with people, and in every area of life.

Unique Format

This book has been written in the format of conversations between a teacher and a pupil. This format made it possible to ask questions the reader might ask, and answer them in a simple and easy to understand language.

This format, also made it possible to clarify, guide and teach the topic in a personal way, as if the reader is in the presence of the teacher.

Calm Down the Nonstop Chatter of Your Mind

Calm Down the Nonstop Chatter of Your Mind

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Excerpt from the Book

Lesson 1 - The Nonstop Chatter of the Mind

The Wise Fortune Teller

In a faraway village, lived a wise man, known as "The Wise Fortune Teller". Whenever people needed advice, they used to go to him, present their problem and ask for his advice.

The villagers were amazed how he always gave them the right advice, and that is why they named him "The Wise Fortune Teller".

"The Wise Fortune Teller" used to ask the visitors a few questions, and then told them to come back in a few days to receive his advice.

Women and men came to ask for advice about love. Many asked for his advice about money and business matters, and others sought his advice when they had problems.

People came to the wise man distressed, worried, and anxious, and left calm and relieved, because the wise man gave them good advice and showed them how to solve their problems.

No one knew how "The Wise Fortune Teller" always came up with the right advice and what made him so smart.

One day, Lori, a young woman, who lived in the same village, approached the wise man and said, "I need your advice, but what I want is a bit unusual. I have to make an important decision, but I want to be the one who makes my own decision."

"I also want to know always the right thing to do, without asking other people for advice and guidance. Can you teach me how to do so?"

The wise man smiled at her and said, "Go to your home now, and return tomorrow at sunrise."

Early next morning, excited and curious, Lori returned to the wise man's house, where he was waiting for her.

He smiled at her, and said, "You are the first person in this entire village, who desires to know how to make the right decisions, without the advice of someone else. I appreciate very much your desire, and I am willing to share with you my knowledge. It is not a secret, so you are welcome to share it with whoever you want."

"Most of the people that ask for my advice are stressed, worried, and anxious to know how to solve their problems. Unintentionally, they transfer their stress, worries and negative state of mind to the people around them.

"Their negative state of mind affects me too sometimes, and clouds my judgment."

"I can understand that," said Lord. "I always feel uncomfortable in the presence of nervous people."

"I want to help these people," continued the wise man, "but in order to do so, I need to clear and quiet my mind. This is why I ask people to come back in a few days."

"How do you help all these people who come for your advice?" asked Lord.

"I will tell you, but first I want to ask you a question," the wise man said. "When you stir the water in a small pond, can you see the bottom of the pond?"

"No, I cannot see it, because stirring the water brings the mud to the surface and prevents me from seeing the bottom of the pond," Lori answered.

"You are right, the mud and the ripples you make hide the bottom of the pond," said the wise man.

"What has a pond to do with making the right decisions?" Lori asked him.

The wise man looked at Lori and said, "The constant chatter of the mind stirs the mind and the emotions and does not allow you to experience the peace that is deep within you, just like the mud and the ripples in the pond that hide the surface below.

"This nonstop stream of thoughts clouds the judgment, prevents calmness and clear thinking, and does not allow making the right decisions."

"So, if I want to think clearly and make the proper decisions I have to calm my mind first?" Lori asked.

"Yes, this is what you should do," answered the wise man.

"How do you calm your mind and how do you find the right answers?" asked Lori.

"Here is what I do," the wise man answered, "I write down the questions people ask me, read them a few times and think about them, and then forget all about them until the next morning."

"In the morning, I get up early, when it is still quiet outside. I do a few simple things to calm my mind and make it peaceful. When the mind is calm, there are no restless thoughts to disturb its peace. In this situation, it is possible to think clearly and make good decisions.

"Since my mind is calm, and there is nothing to disturb it, ideas and answers to the questions people asked me, like magic, come floating into my mind."

"When my mind is peaceful and free from useless thoughts, it becomes sharper and more focused, and I can think clearly on the questions that people have asked me...

This is an excerpt from the book "Calm Down the Nonstop Chatter of Your Mind" by Remez Sasson.

Calm Down the Nonstop Chatter of Your Mind

Calm Down the Nonstop Chatter of Your Mind

Special Offer - 35% off!

78 pages PDF eBook. Instant download after payment.

Payment is handled for us on Clickbank's secure site. Your purchase will appear on your bank statement under the name "CLKBANK*COM".

$17.95 - New Price $11.60

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