Get Rid of Your Anger

Learn How to Get Rid of Anger and Resentment

Get Rid of Your Anger

Do you allow annoying situations, unpleasant remarks and frustration to infuriate you? Do you hold resentments and cannot get rid of them?

Everyone will find this book useful, since everyone gets angry, sometimes more, and sometimes less. You will learn how get rid of anger, how to avoid it, and how to stop being resentful.

Anger is a destructive emotion, which makes you lose your temper, ignore reason, and make decisions out of anger rather than common sense.

Anger harms health, spoils relationships and creates unhappiness.

Here, in this book, you will find the guidance and instructions on how to control anger and get rid of it.

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About the Book

We all get angry from time to time; it's normal and part of life.

When the anger is mild, it usually passes away quickly. However, if the anger is strong, and continues long after the incident that has caused it, it can create great harm.

"Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." This quote, attributed to Buddha, describes anger in a picturesque way.

If you do not let go of anger and resentment, the only person that you hurt is you, as anger and resentment are poison to the heart, soul and body.

This book has been written in order to help people stop getting angry easily, and instead, learn to respond calmly in annoying situations.

  • This book will show you how to calm down your anger before it becomes strong and difficult to control.
  • You will learn simple techniques and exercises for dealing with anger, stopping it, and avoiding it.
  • By avoiding anger you avoid rash and irresponsible actions, which can spoil happiness, relationships, love and marriage, alienate customers, and ruin businesses.
  • When you learn to stop getting angry you become more friendly and considerate, and avoid a lot of stress that can harm your health.

You will learn:

  1. How to deal with anger.
  2. How to divert your attention away from anger.
  3. How to get rid of resentment.
  4. How to deal with impulsiveness.
  5. How to deal with angry people.
  6. How to deal with frustration and delays that leads to anger.

And much more!

This insightful book offers simple techniques and advice, which you can begin using right away in your everyday life, and start living a happier life.

Whom do you punish when you become angry? You punish yourself. You waste precious time and energy on an unproductive emotion, and harm yourself.

When you are angry, your emotions get agitated, your blood pressure goes up, you become impatient and irritable, and you lose control over your actions and reactions.

Is this something you want?

Start reading this book, practice the constructive advice and guidance, and you will soon see how anger starts to fade away from your life.

About the Author

Remez Sasson is the author and creator of, a website about self improvement, positive thinking and motivation, which he has been running successfully since 2001. In his articles and books he offers guidance, advice and exercises for creating a life of success, happiness, inner strength and inner peace.


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Get Rid of Your Anger

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