Let Go of Anger and Let in Tranquility

Let Go of Anger and Let in Tranquility

Don't Let Anger Control Your Life!
Learn to Let Go of Anger and Let in Tranquility.

If you allow anger to grow and take root, it will turn into lifelong resentment and adversely affect your life.

Choosing tranquility over anger enables you:

• Not to act impulsively, and not to let rage dictate your actions
• To listen to the voice of reason and act accordingly
• To avoid deep rooted resentment and animosity

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What Is Anger?

Anger is a strong and dominant feeling, which catches us by surprise, and strongly shakes our entire being.

We get angry when there is frustration, lack of satisfaction, stress, hurt feelings and unhappiness.

We also get angry when people harass us, belittle us, criticize us, endanger us or treat us rudely.

Anger Is Part of Life

Everyone gets angry occasionally, it's normal and part of life. However, if you let anger linger on, and don't let it go immediately, it will keep occupying your mind, adversely affecting your feelings and actions, and robbing your peace, tranquility and happiness.

Anger never solves anything. It is a strong negative feeling, which spoils relationships, creates hostility, can harm your health, and often, turns into long lasting resentment, bitterness and sorrow.

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The Benefits of Staying Calm and Avoiding Anger

While anger has negative effects on mind and body, calmness and poise have positive effects.

How Will This Book Help You

  1. This book will show you how to calm down your anger before it becomes strong and difficult to control.
  2. You will learn simple ways deal with anger, stop it, and avoid it.
  3. You will learn how to deal with impulsiveness,frustration and delays.
  4. You will learn how to deal with angry people.
  5. And much more...

eBook in PDF Format

Excerpt from the Book

Chapter 1 - Choosing Tranquility over Anger

Getting Splashed by a Passing Car

Jennifer stepped out of her car on a rainy winter day, and at that very moment, a car passed through a big puddle of water, splashing water all over her lovely new dress.

Jennifer got furious and shouted some nasty words at the driver, who was already far away. She thought of returning home to change her dress, but since she was already late to work, she gave up this idea and went soaking wet to her office.

She entered her office, wet, angry and nervous. This incident spoiled her day, made her snappy, and did not allow her to focus on her work.

Luckily, one of her co-workers brought another outfit to wear after work, so she gave it to Jennifer, and saved her from embarrassment and discomfort.

How would you react if you found yourself in such a situation?

  • Would you get angry, swear, and tell yourself that you are having a lousy day?
  • Would you tell your friends and family about your unpleasant experience, and get angry over and again, each time you talk about it?
  • Would you carry this anger all day long, or decide to let go of it?
  • Would you continue to be angry, and direct your anger toward your friends, family, customers or co-workers?

Everyone gets angry occasionally; it is natural, and it is part of life. However, anger can become a problem if it lingers on, and continues to occupy the mind and to affect one's feelings and actions, for a long time after the incident that caused the anger.

Anger never solves anything. It is a destructive feeling, which spoils relations, creates animosity, can harm your health, and often, turns into a long lasting resentment, bitterness and sorrow.

eBook in PDF Format

The Advantages of Staying Calm and Avoiding Anger

Now that you have realized the harm anger creates, I would like to emphasize a few of the benefits of remaining calm and not allowing anger to take control over your mind and emotions.

While anger has a negative effect on your body, mind and emotions, calmness and poise have positive effects.

  • Remaining calm in irritating situations does not stir your emotions and does not push you to act impulsively.
  • When you do not allow anger to rise, you protect the health of your body and mind.
  • Remaining calm allows you to think before acting impulsively and hurting yourself and those around you.
  • Staying calm in unpleasant situations, helps you remain levelheaded and calculate your steps wisely.
  • Remaining calm in highly emotional situations does not leave a residue of hatred, anger or resentment, or other negative thoughts and feelings.
  • When you stay calm, you do not allow anger to play havoc in your life.
  • When you stay calm, your body functions normally and the blood pressure and the heartbeats remain within the norm.
  • When you are calm, you enjoy inner peace, tranquility and happiness.
  • When you stay calm, you maintain good relationships with your friends and family.
  • Calmness helps you avoid resentment and animosity at home, at work, and in your everyday life.
  • When you stay calm, you remain poised, and do not let anger to cloud your judgment and control your thoughts and actions.

These are excerpts from the book "Let Go of Anger and Let in Tranquility" by Remez Sasson.

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Let Go of Anger and Let in Tranquility

Let Go of Anger and Let in Tranquility

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