Insights about the Brain, Mind, and Beyond Them

By Remez Sasson

The Brain and Mental Energy

The brain performs complex and intricate operations, far beyond the capabilities of the most advanced computer. Without it, the body cannot function. However, it requires a certain form of energy to make it work, just like a computer, or any other kind of device or machinery.

Every day, we use various devices that require electricity to function. Without electricity, they are useless. Your iPad, smartphone, computer, TV, radio, oven and refrigerator, are just useless pieces of metal or plastic without electricity.

Just as each instrument and device require electricity to operate, so the great computer, the brain, requires some sort of energy to make it work. The power that makes it work is mental energy. The brain also requires some sort of pathways to transfer its commands to the body, and this is the role of the nervous system.

There are countless electrical devices and instruments in the world. Each device is constructed to do a certain job. The moment you switch on its button, electricity starts moving through it, making it work.

There are also countless, different kinds of human beings, with brains operating in different ways. This difference, diffrentiate between people, making people have different beliefs, opinions, interests and behavior.

The Mind - The Life Force of the Brain

The mind operates through the brain, makes it work, and influences its actions. The mind is a sort of energy that manifests through the brain. It requires the physical brain to manifest and to express itself.

The brain is like the hardware of the computer, while the mind is the software. As the mind is programmed to work, so does the brain act, function, and affect the body and the behavior of the person.

Differences Between People

People are different, and yet they are similar, in the sense that all brains and all bodies are made from the same stuff, even though they look different and behave differently. A jeweler can prepare various pieces of jewelry from the same lump of gold. He can make bracelets, rings or earrings. Each jewel looks different, yet it is made of the same material. It is only the outer shape that is different. So it is with people.

It is the difference of the shape and color of the body, together with the programming of the mind that makes the difference between people. Physically, it is the same stuff, but arranged differently. Mentally, it is the same energy, the same "mind stuff", but programmed differently.

Mental Programming

Past events, education and experience program the mind, making it see and relate to life, people, and events, from a certain perspective.

People with similar thoughts and beliefs are often attracted to one another, forming groups. They see themselves as different from other groups. This is one of the main reasons why there many traditions, religions, nations, groups and political parties.

  • You can change the way your mind is programmed.
  • You can make your mind learn to think differently.
  • You can learn to master it, instead of letting it master you.

The main tools for making this change are, concentration ability, affirmations, visualization, and a state of inner peace.

Calm Down the Nonstop Chatter of Your Mind

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Beyond the Mind

You can go even further than mere programming. You can make your mind obedient to you and under your control. You can also, with some effort, rise above the mental programming. Concentration and meditation are two ways that can lead you to this state, and they can bring you to experience something beyond your brain and beyond your mind.

The mind is a wonderful tools, but there is "something" above the mind and above the brain. This is the power that makes them work and function. It has been labeled with many names, Spirit, God, Life Force, Universal Consciousness, Higher Self, etc.

The brain and the mind are essential for living and functioning as a human being, but there is something "higher" than them. Most people never think of this idea, and never care about it. There are others, who are aware of this power, and wish to be more conscious of it. Since you are reading this article, you most probably want to experience this "higher power".

The moment you go beyond the programming of your mind, you become aware of a larger consciousness, a greater and vaster awareness. To experience this consciousness, you need a broader viewpoint, and go beyond the mind.

The mind puts layers of thoughts, beliefs and mental programming that hide this vaster awareness. In order to see beyond these layers, you need to remove them. To remobe them you need to be able to take off the colored glasses of the mind, and look at yourself and the world without any bias.This can happen when are able to calm the restlessness and constant chatter of your mind which hides this vast awareness.

You can live within a limited consciousness, letting people and circumstances to program your mind. You can see life in a limited way, alienating yourself from your deep essence. This is the way most people live. However, there is always something within everyone, though hidden, which aspires higher. This is one of the reasons that religions came into being, to cater for this sublime, but often unclear aspiration.

You can rise above mental limitation, when you start learning to control your mind and awaken your deeper essence, through the practice of concentration exercises and meditation, and by becoming more aware of the thoughts that run through your mind.

Understanding how the brain and the mind work are fascinating subjects, and there have always been people exploring them. There also have been people throughout the ages, exploring the power that is beyond the brain and the mind. This is not the privilege of just a few, rare individuals, but the privilege of everyone, wherever they are, including you.

The purpose of this website, among other goals, is to help you widen your awareness, beyond limited thinking, and go beyond mental programming. Just read the articles and books, follow the advice you find in them, and you will see how your mind, thinking and awareness are changing.

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Focus Your Attention

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