Bottles of Wine

Breaking Bottles of Good and Expensive Wine

George was short tempered, and used to get angry at everything and everyone. This spoiled his relations with friends and family, and made him an unhappy person. One day, while having a conversation with his good friend Tom, George said, … Continue Reading

Two Cats

Two Cats Facing Each Other on the Path

Two cats were walking on a narrow path toward each other. When they came near one another, no one was willing to let the other pass first. They just stood there, screaming at each other. “You let me pass first,” … Continue Reading


The Elephant and the Fly

One day, a disciple and his teacher were walking through the forest. The disciple was disturbed by the fact that his mind was in constant unrest. He asked his teacher: “Why most people’s minds are restless, and only few possess … Continue Reading


The Tiger – An Inspiring Story

A teacher and his student were walking from one village to another, when they all of a sudden, they heard a roar behind them. They turned their head in the direction of the roar, they saw a big tiger following … Continue Reading

Villager and the Happy Man

The Villager and the Happy Man

In a small village in the valley, lived a man who was always happy, kind, and well disposed to everyone he met. This man always smiled, and had kind and encouraging words to say, whenever it was necessary. Everyone who … Continue Reading

The Mind and the Stormy Ocean

The Mind and the Stormy Ocean

Swamiananda, and his disciple Ranga, were strolling on the beach by the ocean. It was a cold day and the wind was blowing strongly over the ocean, raising very high waves. After walking for some time, Swamiananda stopped, looked at … Continue Reading

The Swami

The Swamis and the Mysterious Light

A long time ago, there were two swamis (monks), who lived in two neighboring caves. The Swamis spent most of their time in deep meditation, except the time they ate or were visited by devotees. The people who came to … Continue Reading