Closing the Doors and Windows of the Mind

By Remez Sasson

The mind is like a house with wide open windows and doors, with nothing to stop or filter out what comes in. All thoughts, worries and fears are free to enter, dwell there, occupy the attention and disturb the mind. In this situation, there is lack of control of the mental house and of what goes inside it.

Under these conditions, the mind allows free access to all thoughts, ideas, words and suggestions coming from the outside, from people, the media and from other sources.

For most people, this is the natural state of affairs. However, some seek a way to close the doors and windows of your mind and prevent unnecessary, useless or negative thoughts from occupying their mind and robbing their time and energy.

A person who has the key to the doors and windows of his mind, can prevent unnecessary thoughts and worries from occupying his mind. Such a person can choose to think, or stop thinking at will. Such a person can enjoy inner peace and be in a state free from worries and anxieties.

Being able to close the windows and doors of the mind might seem as an impossible to achieve goal, but with persistence and the right training, this can be achieved, at least partially. Even a partial ability is a great attainment and is highly rewarding.

Most people are never even aware that this possibility exists, and even if they knew about it, most would probably not do much about it, since it requires some inner work.

With the ability to close the doors and windows of the mind at will you will gain a lot. Do not be afraid, you will not turn into a zombie and you would not become unsympathetic and indifferent. Also, you willnot lose your ability to think, as some might believe. On the contrary, your focus and inner strength will grow, and so would your ability to choose your thoughts.

When this ability is well-developed, people, events and circumstances will not be able to affect your moods and state of mind, and you would stay calm and undisturbed in the various circumstances and situations of your life.

The tools used for closing the windows and doors of the mind are concentration, meditation and inner peace.

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Inner Peace in the Busy Daily Life

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