How to Overcome Fears and Doubts about Making Changes in Your Life

By Remez Sasson

If you examine your ambitions and desires, you might be amazed to discover that you have fears of realizing them. You want something, but yet, you are afraid to have it, or unsure whether it is the right thing to possess.

You may wish to live a different kind of life, but in your subconscious mind, you fear to make the necessary changes.

You might want to get married, but you are afraid of the commitment. You want to change your job, but you are afraid to make the change. This is something that everyone experiences.

Fears and doubts arise because we prefer the familiar and known, since it gives us a sense of security. Often, we might have a subconscious fear to make changes in our life.

You Need to Overcome the Fear of Making Changes

If you want to achieve a certain goal, but at the same time fill your mind with doubts, fears and lack of belief, you drive away the manifestation of your goal. It is like sailing against the wind and the currents of the ocean, and being constantly pushed back.

Sometimes, the doubts fears hide at the back of your mind, and sometimes, you might be aware of them. Every time you take a step forward, they take you one or two steps backwards, and you never accomplish anything.

Overcoming Fears and Doubts

There are various ways to deal with and overcome the fears and doubts you might have about making changes in your life. Here are a few suggestions:

Analyze your doubts and fears, and try to find out why you resist change. This will bring the opposing factors into the open, helping you to deal with them and get rid of them.

Adopting a positive attitude and learning to reject negative thoughts will help you to take a big step forward.

To make changes in your life and accomplish goals you need to regard your ambitions and goals as feasible. You need to think of them as within reach and visualize them as real. You should avoid having doubts about accomplishing them.

Changing Your Perspective about the World

Most people look at the world around them as something real, solid and unchangeable. Their thoughts reflect their life, circumstances and events, and they never think beyond them. Rarely, will someone dare to visualize a completely different situation, and believe that he or she can make it real.

If you believe that you cannot make changes and improvements in your life, you will do nothing, and stay where you are. On the other hand, when you can see in your mind's eye a different kind of life and different situations, you stop being enslaved by your circumstances, and you start changing them.

Making Changes in Your Life and Creating New Circumstances

Holding in your mind thoughts and images that are different, and unrelated to your current life, is the way to create new circumstances and make changes in your life.

If you keep repeating the same thought, it will eventually materialize, provided there are not opposing negative thoughts, fears, worries or doubts.

Sometimes, the materialization of your thoughts may be delayed, due to the fact that you are not yet ready for the change. You might need more knowledge, information, training, or a new skill, before you get what you want. Sometimes, you might get what you want quickly, and in an unusual ways, but most often, thoughts come true in a natural, gradual manner.

What are the techniques that can help you change your life and create new circumstances?

Creative visualization
Using your imagination to make changes in your life and creating success.
Articles about creative visualization
The book Visualize and Achieve Your Dreams

Repeating positive statements reprogram the subconscious mind and enlists its power to help you.
Articles on the power of affirmations
The Book Affirmations Words with Power

The better your concentration is, the faster you can get results. A better concentration helps you avoid making mistakes and enables to focus on your goals and avoid thinking of fears and doubts.
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the Book Focus Your Attention

Visualize and Achieve Your Dreams

Visualize and Achieve

Learn how to achieve your dreams.
Use your imagination to improve your life.
Use your mind power to create success.
Get results with the law of attraction.

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