Feelings and Emotions Energize Your Thoughts

By Remez Sasson

Most of you have probably heard or read about creative visualization. Some of you have perhaps tried it. The idea is that by visualizing a mental image of a desired object or situation, you can attract it into your life. In this way you can change and shape your life, behavior and circumstances.

This technique utilizes the power of thoughts, but thoughts alone are not enough to make things happen. Some additional ingredients are required to energize the thoughts into action. These ingredients are your feelings and emotions.

What makes you take action, a cold uninteresting thought, or one charged with emotion?

What kind of lecturer rivets your attention, someone who talks in a boring, listless manner, or a lecturer who talks with zest and emotion?

People, actions and thoughts charged with emotion make a stronger impact.

This is why it is important to add emotions to your thoughts, if you wish to manifest them. Feelings and emotions put life into the thoughts and make them produce results in the external world, the same way that electricity make electrical appliances work.

Both electricity and thoughts require some sort of energy to make them work and produce results.

How to use the power of feelings and emotions in a practical way?

In order to make your thoughts come true, you need to charge them with emotional energy. Thoughts charged with emotional energy have a great affect on the thinker and on the environment. Such thoughts, can drive you to take action and to strive to make them come true. This is one of the important secrets of using successfully the techniques of creative visualization.

If you want to achieve goals through creative visualization, you need to energize your thoughts. You can do so by producing positive and happy feelings of success and happiness, and associating them with your goal.

All of us have experienced at least some sort of success or happiness in our life. Even small manifestations of success count. Think, and find out such past moments. Remind yourself of that success or happiness, and relive it in your imagination. Visualize the event as clearly as you can, and let the positive and happy feelings you experienced at that time become alive again. Relive and relish the happiness, exhilaration and feeling of success that you have awakened.

While in this mental and emotional state, start visualizing your current goal, while at the same time continuing to relive in your imagination the feelings and emotions you have awakened. Associate those feelings with your present goal. Feel as if you have already accomplished your goal, and you are feeling great, happy and satisfied. This action will inject energy into your thoughts and make them strong and powerful.

In time, you will be able arouse feelings of success and accomplishment, without the need to use this method.

By charging your thoughts with emotional energy you can accomplish wonders. You set powers into action that will bring you the opportunities, tools or people necessary to accomplish your goals.

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