Focusing and Controlling the Mind

By Remez Sasson

The mind is the thinking engine that you use for many purposes, every minute, every second, whether you are aware or not of the process.

  • Do you have control over it?
  • Can you focus your mind on what you think and do, or does your mind evade control?
  • Is your mind disobedient?

You use your mind in almost everything you do, and you surely appreciate a mind that is focused. You have certainly been in situations, where you wished, your mind was more focused.

People are not usually born with the ability to focus their mind.

  • There are so many things to look at and examine.
  • There so many things to do every day.
  • There so many distractions, thoughts and people claiming your attention.

No wonder it is difficult to focus the mind and ignore other sense impressions, people or thoughts.

Techniques for Focusing and Controlling the Mind

Hypnosis, to some extent, might help some people. It can calm the mind, but it doesn't mean that you control your mind in accordance with your will. Hypnosis programs your mind to acts in a certain way, but it does not put you in control of your mind.

On the other hand, concentration and meditation, develop inner strength, more awareness and understanding of how the mind works, and the inner power to control it in accordance with your will.

After you learn to focus and control your mind, your thinking becomes clearer, your comprehension faster, and your memory improves. A well-focused mind puts you in a better position to make decisions and follow them, and to persevere with whatever you do.

When your mind is not focused, it constantly jumps from one thought to another, and with restlessness and lack of inner peace.

When your mind is focused and concentrated it becomes quieter and more obedient, and you see and understand everything better, faster and more clearly.

It's worth your time and effort to gain the ability of focusing and controlling your mind. It is a skill that is usful in every area of life, studying, sports, business, career, self imrovement or meditation.

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