The Forums Have Been Removed

If you arrived to this page, it means that you tried to access the forums on this website, but instead, you got to this page.

We removed the forums for several reasons:

  • Lately, various members have started posting in other languages, and since we don't speak these languages, we didn't know what they were writing. We tried to remove these posts, but they posted time and again.
  • Some of the posts had inappropriate content, which we don't allow at the forums.
  • Since there are many posts at the forums, and it takes too much of our time to monitor them, we decided to remove them.
  • Though the number of members passed the 20,000 mark, just a few participated.
  • Though some of the forums were active, others were not.
  • There were a few other reasons for the removal of the forums, which we didn't mention here.

We invite you to explore the website and the blog.

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