Happiness Manifests when You Scatter Your Worries and Negative Thoughts

By Remez Sasson

Thoughts Hide Happiness

On a cloudy day, the clouds hide the sun, but the sun is always there in the sky. It does not go away. It is only temporarily hidden by the clouds.

Happiness is like the sun, it is always shining inside you, but too often, it is hidden beneath your thoughts and worries, just as the sun is hidden beyond the clouds. You have to scatter and dissolve your negative thoughts and worries, so you can experience happiness.

You don't have to create happiness, because though you may not believe it, it is part of your essence, but is just hidden beneath your thoughts, fears and worries.

  • What happens when you are calm and relaxed? You feel happy.
  • What happens when nothing bothers and worries you? You feel happy.
  • What happens to your negative thoughts, fears and worries, when feel happy, irrespective of what is the reason for the happiness? In this situation, your negative thoughts, fears and worries just disappear for a while.

Calm Your Mind, and Happiness Would Well up from Inside You

What was said above, brings us to the conclusion that you can let the happiness inside you manifest by intentionally calming down your mind. This allows the happiness to emerge from within you.

Happiness is not something that is situated far away, and which is unattainable. It is here, within you, ready to emerge when you let it. It does not depend on circumstances, possessions or events. It is an inseparable part of your consciousness, of your essence, and comes out when your mind is free from disturbing and constant thinking.

The mind is always in a constant race from one thought to another, from one worry to another. It constantly moves from one object or task to another, never standing still. This restlessness hides the happiness that is within you in the same way that a choppy sea hides the bottom of the sea. When the sea gets calm you can see the bottom. In the same way, when the mind becomes quiet, you experience the happiness that is within you.

You cannot see a treasure at the bottom of a stormy and muddy lake, though it is there. However, when the wind stops, the water becomes still, and the mud sinks, you can see the treasure. The treasure is there, whether you see it or not. So is happiness. It is always here, only hidden by constant thinking and worries.

All this means that you can experience more happiness in your life by calming down your mind.

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Next time you feel happy, stop for a moment and watch the state of your mind. You will be surprised to discover that it is calm, and that there are almost no thoughts in your mind. Since the mind is not accustomed to stay in this peaceful state for long, it soon becomes active again, and the sense of happiness disappears.

  • When you are happy, your mind is free from thoughts.
  • When you are able to calm your mind, you experience happiness.
  • Inner peace and happiness are interconnected. You want more happiness? Learn to calm your mind - make it less restless.

The experience of mystics down the ages has shown that happiness is inherent in our souls, and that it is not something to be gained anew. All that is necessary to do is to uncover it.

Sounds complicated? Not at all!

If you can disperse the thoughts and worries that fill your mind, you will experience this inherent happiness. You can do so by any means that slow down the constant flow of thoughts and chatter in your mind. This could be by immersing yourself in something you love doing, taking a walk on the beach at sunset, learning to focus your mind or by meditation.

Another factor leading to calming the mind, and consequently, to experiencing happiness, is emotional detachment. What you need to do is strive not to allow your feelings get upset by your memories, people or events. This might seem difficult to do, but it is not.

I have written a book about this topic, titled Emotional Detachment for Happier Life. Emotional detachment enables you to keep away from taking things too personally or becoming upset by what people do or say. This helps you stay balanced and calm, and brings the happiness within you to the surface, so you can experience and enjoy it.

When you calm down the constant chatter of the mind, you allow happiness to emerge. When the mind becomes calm, it stops being an obstacle to the emergence of happiness.

Happiness is here, within you. Just calm your mind and stay relaxed, and you will experience it. You do not need external circumstances and events to bring it.

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