Happiness and Security Are the Primary Desires

By Remez Sasson

What do you really want to attain or achieve?

Do you have some clear goals, or you do not know what you really want?

Do you go through life wherever it takes you, or do you have definite plans, and work on accomplishing them?

Not everyone has goals. Many go through life wanting this and that, but never do anything to get it. Some, even feel bad for not really knowing what to do with their lives.

More than once I have heard people saying that they do not really know what to do with their lives. They have no definite goal and feel that they are drifting. I am not talking just about young people, but about grown ups, and people who are in their fifties and sixties.

We read and hear so much about the importance of having goals, but the truth is that most people don't have definite goals. They just stick with jobs for years.

Happiness and Security - The Goals Everyone Seeks

There are two common goals that are important for all people, though they might not be consciously aware of them, and here, I would like to talk about them.

What are these two goals?

What is it that you really desire, money, a better job, love, a new car, or a trip abroad?

Do you wish to do something big, or maybe you are satisfied with your life as it is, and don't want to change it?

If you analyze your goals, small or big, you will ultimately discover that what you really want are happiness and security.

Everything you do is motivated by the desire to gain happiness and security, whether it is money, a TV set, a house, a car, a new job, love or losing weight.

  • You desire certain things because you believe their attainment will bring you happiness and security.
  • You desire certain possessions or to achieve certain goals, because you feel that they will bring you freedom from stress, anxieties and fears.

Too often, people devote a lot of time and efforts for getting something that in the end does not bring them the happiness, joy or security they have anticipated.

Ask yourself, what would bring you a sense of happiness and security? Analyze each goal sincerely, and think whether it would bring the coveted happiness and security you desire. If it does not, why not find some better goal?

True happiness does not depend on possessions and circumstances, true happiness emerges from within. True security begins as a mental state, as inner strength, as faith in yourself, and in the power that has created the Universe. If you feel happy and secure, it would be easier to attain happiness and security in the material world.

Awakening Feelings of Happiness and Security

You can awaken inside you feelings of happiness and security, even if now they are absent from your life. How do you do that:

  • Awaken these feelings several times a day, by visualizing and feeling that you are happy and secure.
  • Feel and imagine how fulfilling it is to experience and enjoy these feelings.
  • If doubts, disbelief and negative thoughts and feeling try to occupy your mind, immediately replace them with positive thoughts and feelings.

When you experience happiness and security, you also experience feelings of inner harmony, peace, and the conviction that you can attain whatever you want.

If you persevere with these actions and do not destroy the positive feelings with negative thinking, doubts, worries or disbelief, they will start to affect the way you think, act and react. You will become optimistic, energetic and motivated, discover new opportunities, and have the motivation to follow them. There is no magic here, just simple natural laws at work.

Everything starts in the mind. Start the sense of happiness and security within you, and it will manifest in in the material world.

All actions are motivated by a subconscious desire for happiness and security and their derivatives, which are inner peace, harmony, love, good relationships, success, money, possessions, etc.

It is good to have at least a few definite goals. They give you direction, something to aspire for, motivation and something to live for. However, even if you don't have anything definite, just focus your mind and feelings on the sense of happiness and security, feel that they are real in your life, pretend they are real, and have no doubts about it.

If you continue doing so, you will soon see how your life changes and improves, as you truly desire.

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