Imagination Awakens Feelings, and Together, They Make Things Happen

By Remez Sasson

Did you know that your imagination has a great effect on how you feel and act?

What you imagine in your mind awakens associated feelings and emotions, and together, they affect your life and make things happen.

Let's make an experiment with the imagination.

Suppose that for a long time, you have been dreaming of owning a big, shiny, beautiful red car. Imagine that now, at this very moment, the car is parking in front of your house. It has a lot of space inside, it is comfortable, and it has many gadgets.

Use your imagination, and notice the special smell inside the car, which is unique to new cars.

Now imagine yourself entering the car, sitting in the driver's seat and looking at the dashboard. Imagine your friends and neighbors looking at your car and at you with admiration, and feel the joy that arises in you.

Now, switch on the engine and notice how quiet it is. Next, put into gear and start driving.

>How do you feel now, after reading the above description?

Pay attention to the feelings you have experienced. For a few moments, you felt joy inside you (provided of course that you want such a car). This was a pleasant daydream.

Can you hold this feelings for a while? Usually, after a short while, the mind starts saying, "Yes, I like this thought, but these things never happen in real life. It is just a daydream". If you say so, the magical moment, and the pleasant thoughts and feelings will be gone.

Your doubts and lack of belief spoiled the magic feeling, and caused it to disappear, together with the dream.

Do not Underrate Your Dreams

Everything there is was just a dream, a thought in the mind of someone, before it became reality.

People who achieve dreams don't destroy them. Don't make negative comments about your dreams and or reject them as impossible. If you do so, you show disbelief and prevent them from being realized.

Don't destroy your dreams by denying them the possibility of materializing, even if there is a wide gap between your dream and your actual circumstances.

Don't worry, believing in your dreams will not turn you into an unpractical, dreamy sort of person. On the contrary, dreams, when you believe in them, motivate and inspire you to take action. Feed them with attention, and with the desire that they come true, and they will.

Do not underrate your dreams or express disbelief. Even the most impractical dream can become reality.

Feelings Energize Your Thoughts and Are Important for Success

  • How did you feel, when you went on your first date?
  • How did you feel, when you received the key to your new apartment?
  • Were you happy, when you received the key to your new car?
  • How did you feel, when you were at the airport, boarding the plane on your long coveted trip?
  • What kind of feeling did you experience, when you got a promotion at your job?

Try to recapture the feelings, and relive the happy moments, because there is great power in them.

The feelings that accompany success can be used to help you achieve more success.

Awakening feelings associated with past success, and associating them with your current dreams or goals, help your dreams and goals to come true.

Rehearsing in your mind the feelings and emotions connected success, can move invisible forces, and create visible success in your life.

These feelings generate pressure on your subconscious mind and on the Universe, causing them to act on your behalf, and to create opportunities and open doors to make what you dream and imagine come true. Thoughts associated with such feelings gain power and can make things happen.

Think about something that you really want, and at the same time consciously generate feelings of success, and you will create wonders. This is your magic wand, with which you can make changes in your life.

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