Instant vs Gradual Self Improvement and Spiritual Growth

By Remez Sasson

Do you expect immediate results from positive thinking, self-improvement and spiritual growth methods? Do you expect your life to magically change, just by visualizing your goals a few minutes a day, or listening to a self improvement MP3?

Getting results from positive thinking, self-improvement or spiritual growth methods is not like preparing a cup of instant coffee, opening a can of beans, or heating and eating some ready-made food. You need practice and persistence to get results.

Is Instant Success Possible?

  • Can you become a medical doctor, just by listening to a motivational MP3?
  • Can you become an airplane pilot, just by dreaming about it a few times a day, without studying and practicing?
  • Can you develop a muscular and athletic body in just a few days?
  • Can you becomes the CEO of a company within a week or two?

To all of these questions the answer is, NO!

Improvement and Growth Require Effort

So why should it be different with inner development methods, with self-improvement or meditation?

Strengthening your ability to focus your mind, developing inner strength, overcoming negative habits, developing psychic powers, or making progress with spiritual growth is gradual process. This process requires work, effort and time, just like developing any other skill.

In my articles I speak about the necessity of inner work and perseverance. These are the prerequisites for success in any area of life. You need to devote time and energy to gain results. You may not like hearing this, but every success requires more than just listening to a MP3, visualizing for 2-3 minutes a day or repeating affirmations for a moment or two..

Reading books motivates, but you also need to practice what they teach. Listening to MP3 and using hypnosis might be of some help, but you need more than this.

We often hear about methods that create results almost instantly. You need to use your common sense and not accept everything without thinking. Techniques that promise quick results might work for the one who invented them, but not necessarily for other people. Everyone begins from a different starting point and at a different level of development. What helped one person might not help everyone else.

This is why there are so many books and so many teachers. Different people need different approaches.

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If you wish to use hypnosis or listen to subliminal MP3, do so. These are passive methods, which do not require effort on your part. However, if you wish to reach far, be in control of your life and of your skills, widen your awareness, and develop real inner strength, you need to use active methods that require study, inner work, action and practice.

Laziness, lack of faith and belief, and too much negative thinking prevent people from pursuing positive thinking methods, creative visualization and meditation. If this is the case, you need to awaken motivation and enthusiasm.

Often, we expect fast results, and if results do not obtained immediately, we becomes disappointed and lose faith. It is like the story about the man who was digging for oil and couldn't find anything. Eventually, he gave up and went away. Then, someone else came and continued digging, just to find oil a few feet further deep.

What does this mean? do not quit quickly. Results often take time and more effort.

You can buy ready made food, but you can work a little at the kitchen and cook something really delicious. You can pick a few words in a foreign language from a movie that you watched, or you can learn the language at a school.

You can gain some inner peace or feel better by certain methods that produce quick, but temporary results, and you can follow methods that require more time and effort, but obtain results that are permanent, more satisfying, and on a wider scale.

Real results with self improvement, visualization, affirmations, spiritual growth or meditation require time and effort. When you understand and realize the importance and benefits of the results, you will not look at the effort and work you need to do as drudgery or as an unpleasant task, but as something that you love and enjoy doing.

As you see, instant results are a myth. There might be instant joy, happiness, euphoria and motivation when you read or hear about self improvement or spiritual growth, but they usually do not last. Only gradual growth is real growth that bring real results. Do you now realize the difference between instant self improvement and spiritual growth and gradual development?

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