The Inner Powers

By Remez Sasson

We all possess various inner powers, but they are often in a dormant state. In order to awaken these inner powers and start using them, special training and inner work are required. However, sometimes, due to various factors, they might manifest unexpectedly, in certain circumstances.

These are skills we need for living a better, happier, and more successful life.

What Are the Inner Powers?

Let's review them briefly:

The Power of Concentration
The ability to focus the attention on one single object or thought, and at the same time, excluding all other unrelated thoughts from the mind.

Concentrating on one single thought or subject focuses your mental energies, and prevents their dissipation on unimportant or unrelated matters. This is similar to the action of a magnifying glass that concentrates the rays of the sun into one single beam, and which can then burn a piece of paper.

The power of concentration can be developed through special exercises. Any time spent on such exercises, is time well spent. The more time and energy you devote to strengthening the power of concentration, the stronger this ability becomes.

This is the inner strength to make decisions, take action, handle and execute any aim or task, regardless of inner resistance, discomfort or difficulty. It manifests as inner firmness, decisiveness, determination, resolution and persistence.

This inner power manifests as the ability to forgo instant gratification in favor of something better, but which requires time and effort to achieve. It is the ability of the individual to stick to actions, thoughts and behavior, which lead to improvement and to success, in spite of difficulties and obstacles.

Willpower and self discipline complement each other, and can too, developed through special training.

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The Power of Imagination
This is the ability to experience a whole world inside the mind. Imagination is a creative power. By training and using it correctly, you can create and attract wealth, happiness, health, and favorable circumstances.

Imagination is not limited only to seeing pictures in the mind. Feelings and sensations relating to all the five senses can be imagined too. It is possible to imagine sounds, tastes, scents, physical sensations, feelings and emotions.

A well developed and strong imagination does not make you a daydreamer or an impractical person. On the contrary, it strengthens the creative abilities and the ability to solve problems, and is a wonderful tool for recreating and remodeling your life and circumstances.

Imagination can change your whole life, and transform circumstances and events. It is used extensively in creative visualization, affirmations, and guided meditations. When you know how to work with it, you can make our hearts' desires come true.

It is so easy to stop and give up, when your plans don't turn out as expected, or take too much time to accomplish. Persistence manifests as the inner strength to continue in spite of difficulties, obstacles and failure.

Motivation is an inner driving force, which motivates and pushes you toward your aim or goal. In order to accomplish anything, you need a driving, directing power, otherwise nothing would happen.

For tips for motivation, please click here.

Wishful thinking is not strong enough to make you take action. A wish is a weak desire. Only a strong desire can drive you forward, to take action, follow plans, and accomplish desires and goals. Ambition is closely related to motivation, desire and enthusiasm.

When you have faith in your abilities and in yourself, you have self-confidence. Self-confidence leads to courage, inner strength, and stronger willpower.

This is the ability to remain calm on the emotional and mental levels, unaffected and undisturbed by what people say or do. This ability saves one a lot of trouble, discomfort, fears and worries, and helps you not to take things too personally.

Detachment leads to inner balance and peace, and helps you accept calmly what cannot be changed.

Peace of Mind
A peaceful mind is free from the compulsion of incessant and restless thinking and worrying. When thoughts do not disturb the tranquility of the mind, you experience inner happiness.

A person possessing peace of mind is calm and in control of himself. Such a person retains inner balance under almost all conditions, and is hardly affected by negative circumstances and situations.

Life become happier, your vision widens, and your mind and thoughts are more under your control when you have peace of mind.

Can you imagine a successful person, who cannot concentrate on a task, hasn't the willpower to follow his or her goal or is unable to visualize the kind of success he or she desires to attain?

Can anyone reach high spiritual levels without concentration, will power and self-discipline?

Even people who pursue psychic or occult training need the above-mentioned inner powers.

Do you wish to follow a particular course of action, change habits, lose weight, learn a new skill, study or succeed in your examinations?

Do you desire to develop psychic powers, clairvoyance or telepathy?

Do you want to excel in creative visualization?

Whatever is your aim in life is, all of the above mentioned inner powers are of great importance and should be developed and strengthened.

This article, just mentions the inner powers you can develop, without going into details. If you are interested in more details, guidance and advice, please you browse this website, and you will find many articles with advice and guidance.

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