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Quotes on Success and on Being Successful

Remez Sasson Quotes on Success

1. "When the mind thinks of success, the outside world mirrors these thoughts."

2. "Success and being successful is the outcome of thinking, visualizing, planning, acting and perseverance."

3. "Your mind is the generator of failure, and also the generator of success."

4. "What you think today is what you live tomorrow."

5. "Happy thoughts make your life happy. Miserable thoughts make your life miserable. Be careful of what you think."

6. "The image you have of yourself, and which you broadcast to the world around you, is responsible for the way people see and treat you."

7. "Choose your thoughts carefully; they are the workers building your life."

8. "Success manifests also in small daily events, not only in the accomplishment of great ambitions."

9. "The mental movie in your mind is the cause of everything that happens to you."

10. "Nurturing a feeling of success attracts it into your life."

11. "Nothing can stand in the way of absolute belief and confidence."

12. "Your inner world controls your outer world. Learn to improve your inner world, and your outer world would be affected too."

13. "The mental movie that you play in your mind is the life that you will live tomorrow."

14. "When you rehearse failure in your mind, you meet failure."

15. "When you rehearse success in your mind, you experience success in your life."

16. "Thoughts fuelled by desire and motivation make things happen."

17. "What you get is determined by the scope of your thinking. Big thoughts lead to big accomplishments. Small thoughts lead to minor accomplishments."

18. "Success is not only more money, promotion and social status. It is also more happiness, harmonious relationships and spiritual growth."

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19. "Change the mental movie that you keep viewing in your mind to one that you like. Keep playing it in your mind, and before you know it, the movie turns into reality."

20. "Do not undervalue the importance of success in small matters. It proves to you that with persistence, greater success is possible too."

21. "Play a movie of success in the projection room of your mind, and soon this movie will turn into reality."

22. "Your mental movies are the trailers of the future."

23. "Your thoughts and mental images create your circumstances. Master your thoughts and mental images, and you gain power over your circumstances."

24. "Success also manifests as peace of mind, happiness, satisfaction, inner strength and spiritual enlightenment."

25. "Attaining good health, love, good relationships, promotion, status, money and possessions, and realizing desires and ambitions is material success."

26. "Your outer circumstances are the mirror of your inner world. Change your inner world, and you change your outer world."

27. "Ambition is the fuel that feeds your thoughts, visualization and actions."

28. "Willpower, persistence, patience and work bring your desires into manifestation."

29. "Visualize your goals clearly, add desire and faith, and you will surely achieve them."

30. "Frequent reading of quotes inspires you to take action and make the quote real in your life."

Quotes Directory >> Success Quotes

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