Visualization and Imagination in Daily Life

By Remez Sasson

Visualization and Imagination

Visualization is an activity, which all of us do every day.

All our desires and ambitions have much to do with the mental images we carry in our mind. We plan and conduct our life according to the images that rotate in our mind.

We visualize constantly, whether we are aware of the fact or not. This activity has an important place in the life of everyone.

Whenever you think or plan what to wear at work, at a party or on the beach, your imagination is in action. You use your imagination to visualize yourself wearing the clothes you are thinking about.

When you set out to go to some familiar place, such as your office, the grocery, a shopping mall, or a friend's house, your mind sees the place and the route to it, albeit unconsciously.

Before going to a place where you have never been before, you plan your way beforehand. How do you do it? You use your imagination. You use your ability to visualize. You visualize the road and the streets you have to pass through. You plan the way with the help of visualization.

Suppose somebody asks you how to get to a certain address. You describe the route, while at the same time you seeing it in your imagination.

Imagination and visualization are at work, whenever you decide to bake a cake, buy a new pair of trousers, redecorate your home, decide which car to buy, plan your vacation, tell a story, or narrate a movie.

What about daydreams?

We imagine scenes and actions in the movie of the mind. At the moment we daydream, the daydream may seem real to us. If we repeat the same daydream over a period of time it, the mental image get engraved on our mind, and we might start looking for ways to make it come true. We might begin to believe it and accept it as a reality, especially when strong emotions are involved.

When positive daydreams materialize, they can bring only good. However, daydreams can also be about unpleasant events, about difficulties, trouble and self-pity. Then we call them worries. If we go on repeating them, they might materialize and create unpleasantness and unhappiness.

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What We Visualize Affects Our Attitude, Moods and State of Mind

This means that we have to be very careful with what enters our mind. Thoughts are visitors, but when the same kind of thoughts frequent the mind often, they become permanent residents. Do you accept and allow anyone to come and stay at your home? If you don't, why do you let unwanted thoughts do that?

Your mind is your private home. You should be careful with whom you let in. This might not be so easy for a beginner, but with some persevrance, you can improve your ability to decide what thoughts to let in into your mind and what thoughts to reject.

You need to strive to become more aware of your thoughts and associated feelings, and not allow negative, unhappy thoughts, and thoughts about failure to occupy your mind.

Using Creative Visualization Consciously in Eveyday Life

Creative visualization is the process of visualizing an image in the mind, and through natural, mental laws, bring it into manifestation on the material plane.

Visualizing and expecting an event, action, or object, is more than just visualizing. It is an act of creation. Deciding upon something that we really want to happen, and visualizing it with concentration, faith and desire, set great powers into action. Creative visualization is a powerful tool, which we need to know how to use correctly and positively.

This is a natural process all of us use, though unconsciously. The thoughts that pass through our mind create our life. Through training and practice, it is possible to learn to accept, think and visualize only positive thoughts, and fill our life with happiness, success, health and love.

To use the powers of the mind effectively, which is like mental magic, there is no need for spells and rituals. Thought power, imagination, emotions, and strong intent, are the main ingredients.

We perform mental magic, whenever we focus our mind on a particular thought and add emotions and feelings. Our strong and predominant thoughts have a definite effect on our environment and the people around us. To some extent, we are all magicians, though few realize it and use this power consciously.

To use the power of your imagination consciously, and to produce results, you need to follow certain mental laws and use certain visualization techniques. This is quite simple and uncomplicated. You can use these mental powers to make changes in your life and to improve your life. You can use them for simple matters and for bigger goals.

I have been studying this topic for many years and have written a book about it, which explains in a clear manner how to use these mental powers for various goals and tasks. The book, is titled Visualize and Achieve your Dreams and provides examples and step-by-step guidance.

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It does not matter what your current reality is.
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