Creative Visualization and Your Daily Tasks

By Remez Sasson

Do you know that creative visualization can help you in carrying out your daily tasks?

It can help you do things more easily, with less energy expenditure, less resistance, and fewer obstacles. A little more attention to your thoughts, and to the mental images you carry in our mind, can make a great difference in your life.

I often help my wife clean the house. Some time ago, my wife told me that the next morning she was going to clean the house and wanted me to help her. I made up my mind to finish and be through with this work, as fast as I could. I did not want to spend all day cleaning, as I had more interesting things to do.

For a few minutes in the morning, I visualized the tasks needed to be done. I saw myself doing everything very fast and finishing all the work by one o'clock at noon. I my visualization, I intentionally focused in the hour I wanted to finish working, since there are always additional, unforeseen tasks to do, which take additional time.

This helped me work extremely fast, without getting tired, accomplishing one task after another. By about one o'clock I accomplished almost twice the tasks that I visualized in the morning. During the time that I was cleaning, I could even think an article I wanted to write, so the time was doubly utilized.

Due to the visualization, I had more energy, and there were no additional, unforeseen tasks. In a strange manner, all the work was finished by the appointed time.

Visualization Can Be Most Useful in Many Situations

When for example, you know you going to have a difficult day at work, or you have to meet someone you dread, this technique can be very useful. I have used it myself successfully many times. All you need to do is to visualize the situation for a few minutes, as you would like it to be. In your imagination, forget about fear, or any negative expectations.

Sometimes, I visualize the details of how I am going to behave or react under some trying situations. When I confront the situation or the person I visualized, everything just flows smoothly and the difficulties vanish.

When you visualize yourself acting in a certain manner, your subconscious mind helps you act in this way in the actual situation. What you visualize also, in some way, affects the people you meet, and can positively affect their attitude toward you.

When you visualize a certain situation as you want it to be, your subconscious mind gets into action. It makes you see the world differently, relate to people in a more constructive way, and gives you inner strength and energy. This influences your behavior and the people you meet.

Creative visualization backed by attention and faith works. You can influence your daily life events, by using creative visualization. This technique can help you accomplish everything faster, with less strain and energy expenditure, and keep you feeling happy and satisfied.

If you want to know more about creative visualization and how to use it, there are more articles you can read.

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