Inner Strength Is an Expression of Willpower

By Remez Sasson

Willpower and Inner Strength

Inner strength is one of the expressions of willpower. Its presence or lack determines whether you are assertive or not, persevering or not, fail or accomplish goals.

Your inner strength is like a powerful engine that drives you toward doing things, accomplishment and achievement.

Willpower and inner strength are vital skills, necessary for carrying out tasks, chores and decisions and for the achievement of goals. Without them, it is difficult to start anything, and difficult to get to the finish line of what you started.

These skills are erroneously considered as belonging only to highly successful people. The truth is that everyone can develop them.

  • If you tend to be lazy, developing willpower and inner strength will help you overcome laziness.
  • If you procrastinate, they will help you overcome this habit.
  • Willpower and inner strength enhance your self-esteem and self control.
  • Strengthening these powers, will help you become strong and in control of your life.

Willpower, as a manifestation of inner strength, enables you to control unnecessary and harmful impulses, make decisions more easily, and carry them through with perseverance, until their successful accomplishment. the possession of inner strength also gives you the courage and strength to endure and overcome inner and outer resistance and opposition, difficulties and hardships.

Do You Lack Inner strength?

  • A great number of people lack the inner strength to say "no".
  • Many find it difficult to assert their ideas and beliefs.
  • A lot of people lack the inner strength to follow their dream or beliefs.
  • Some, are afraid to take action and make changes.
  • There are people who lack the resolution and the persistence to go on with their plans to the end.

You can correct this situation. You can develop willpower and inner strength. Ho far you go depends on your earnestness, ambition, and the time devoted to this pursuit. Developing willpower and inner strength is a gradual process that everyone can undertake.

I have emphasized the importance of developing these abilities, and explained how to strengthen them in my articles on this subject, and in my book Strengthen Your Willpower and Self Discipline.

  1. You do not require super ordinary powers to gain inner willpower and strength.
  2. You do not need to sleep on a bed of nails, fast, or stand on one foot for days, as fakirs do.
  3. The concept that the development of willpower and inner strength requires you to undergo suffering and physical hardships is not true.

Some, will be able to reach higher levels of power, while others will reach different degrees of development, but the way is open to all.

As part of the process, you might need to give up some harmful habits and change a few unhealthy habits. You give up something harmful or useless, in order to gain strength and power. The whole process can be turned into an absorbing, enjoyable and interesting challenge.

As your power grows, it will be easier for you to get rid of habits and attitudes that stand in your way to a better life. You will gain inner strength that will help you at your job and at home, in your relationships, with carrying on your tasks, and with accomplishing your dreams.

I am not giving you here instructions or exercises, since this has been covered extensively in my book, Strengthen Your Willpower and Self Discipline, as well in my other articles about this subject at this website.

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